Business Card Feedback


I know there’s been a lot of discussion about the design of the business card. As someone that’s now received theirs I thought I’d leave some comments about it.

Like Metrobank (for example) the card is the same design as the personal card which is not ideal if you use Apple Pay but what I do like and unlike Metro Bank it has the company name embossed under my name which visually it’s easy to make sure I’m using the right card.

I think it would be nice for the future to have a completely different design (for Apple and Android pay at least) but for now I’m just glad I can start moving my business account over

Different design for business account cards?
Are business accounts still in beta?

There’s a mention of this on another thread.

Starling for Business Release?


I have both a Starling personal account, which I’ve just started trialing as a main account, and a new Business account. Both the cards are identical, as are the card previews in Apple Wallet. This is kinda confusing, I’ve already bought a train ticket with the wrong card. It would be really nice if business account cards were somehow different, be it design or colour or whatever - so stupid people like me don’t make errors that are a PITA to reconcile.


Hi @Kit,

We will be making changes to our card designs soon, and we full intend to have our personal and business cards as different designs.

We set ourselves a pretty ambitious target to launch business accounts in 3 months (or in Q1). If we had a dependency on a new card design we would not have been able to launch until later this year due to card processing timelines which are themselves a minimum of 10/12/weeks. We therefore made the decision to remove that dependency and launch the business account with the same card design that we have for personal accounts so we could launch sooner.

We understand there will be some customers who hold both a personal account and business account but please be reassured your card will only be the same design for a short interim period, changes are underway and will come.



Thanks Sarah for the full explanation. Another great example of the thought put in to things behind the scenes. Great transparency and good to have an estimated timetable even if it slips a bit. Keep up the great work.


Awesome news, thank you!


Well, the whole process of a business account seems to be a shambles.

Set up an account and the process was unclear. I was never sent a debit card. No reference to any cards at all. Pinged a message to CS and suddenly a card appeared in the app saying “activate physical card”. That wasn’t there earlier. No physical card received. Requested a new one. CS ask if the original had arrived. Well, if it had then I’d not be asking for a new one.

I now have a virtual card in Apple Pay. That’s one thing Starling does implement well. What isn’t implemented well is the fact it looks exactly the same as the personal one. This will lead to confusion.

And then there’s the question of operating a business account from a mobile phone. I feel that it will be a substandard experience.


Get a Sharpie and write BUSINESS across the front of your business card.

But don’t try this with Apple Pay :wink:


If you think ‘managing a business account from a mobile phone will be a sub-standard experience’, then perhaps Starling isn’t for you? Maybe one of the more traditional banking options are better suited to you and your needs.


Ah, understood. My view is not valid here as I do not conform to the sycophantic praise of the majority.


Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be an attack so please don’t take offence. Starling have set their stall out very clearly - they will provide the best mobile only account. The simple observation was that you questioned this approach.


I understand that they’ve said this. It’s not a surprise to me.

That said, I still think it’s a valid observation that restricting access to a single mobile device may have drawbacks.

It may suit some people but it’s potentially a negative for some.


I have my Starling account on two iPhones and one iPad. Works fine.


you need the phone number for the first device, but then you can activate other devices from that one. it doesn’t look pretty on tables though


Or maybe they’re folk who are pleased to be part of that journey. I mean, being part of the first UK business account on a mobile device (albeit early days) is probably quite exciting.

But with an acknowledgement that it’s a journey and doesn’t come fully-formed.


To be honest I really don’t understand your negativity here. Why would you sign up for a mobile only bank if you have already formed an opinion that it’s likely be substandard?

I’m very much looking forward to see what Starling come up with and whilst not perfect all the time, they are very much open to constructive criticism


That’s uncalled for. You made an entry on a community forum, you got a response (quite a reasonable one). That’s the nature of a forum.


I’ve expressed a view that limiting tomhe operation of a business account to a mobile device may have drawbacks. It’s not a particularly flexible way to operate a business account, perhaps?

It’s interesting to note that people only latch onto criticisms. There’s no acknowledgement of the praise that I gave Starling for the implementation with Apple Pay. This is far superior to anything I’ve seen from any other Bank.

I’d like to be able to post feedback without being made to feel that my feedback is worthless just because I’m a little more critical and haven’t succumbed to the hype.


We’ve moved in from that. Let’s have a sensible discussion.


Then perhaps look at the way you ‘express yourself’ on the forum, if you don’t expect to get ‘shouted down’.

Take responsibility for the way you put things.

It was not your content, but your very clear tone that is uncalled for.