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So when Starling launch business services in early 2018 what products do you plan to launch? Current accounts and loans?


I’m so far behind after the Monarch failure has consumed all my time - has this been announced?


Not sure, but I see Starling staff added a few Business threads on this forum this morning


I totally missed it and was wondering why we was all talking business banking here at first. :joy:


I’ve asked @JamesPratley to move this thread over there, as it’s gathering pace. I’m sure Richard won’t mind😀.


Of course not. In fact I am supprised when they created their threads they did not see this thread and merge it at that time


I have just registered for myself and my partner for business accounts for both of us, we are both Starling personal customers


Announces this morning on website and Twitter. Looks like a 2018 early access.


Hey folks! There’s more details here on our website. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


There is little to no information on your site regarding the new Business Account! Like, are there any fees? Limits? I’m actually quite shocked at the lack of detail.


Hi Ste,

Things are moving a little bit slowly and we are all getting a little bit impatient but we are getting a few small details coming through, here’s what we’ve been able to find out so far, hope it helps :slight_smile:

Firstly, Jason has started being a point of contact for business accounts over the past few weeks and he’s started giving us a few details such as:

Secondly, Starling are actively looking at the suggestions and say that while everything might not be there on day one, they will be considered.

Thirdly, business accounts are live for friends and family at the moment in a very closed beta sense while they test a few things (here’s a tweet by Starling CTO).

As for fees, I’m afraid that’s where we fall short, it’s something that I’ve been pushing for since day one, first with Starling CS who said they’d email me with details before shutting me out, before saying they have no idea and the details are still being worked out. Then on the forums where I was completely ignored.

Jason said almost a month ago that we’d be getting some new details “soon” though so, hopefully, we’ll find out some more then :slight_smile: in the meantime I’m just keeping a close eye on the forums and blog.


Here’s some info that Jason gave us today about pricing


This is one area where Starling is abysmal, communication. It is always woefully slow or inept at communicating openly and efficiently with it’s customer base.

I think they’ll find many of the client base they were expecting to have come on board at launch, will for the most part have taken their business elsewhere, to Tide for example.

Since singing up for a business account (early access ) some considerable time ago, we’ve heard nothing, not a single email, newsletter or update. This leaves me to believe Starling are some considerable way off having a working product people would want to use.


Exactly the same comments have been made about Tide


Hi @ds4a. Not long to go now- we’re still on track for a launch by the end of the financial year and closed testing on our first release is ongoing.

In terms of communication about business, we are going to move to smaller more frequent posts. The first update will be on pricing which will be this week.

Thanks for your patience.

Starling Business Current Account Pricing

Historically this is true, regarding communication, but this topic isn’t about Tide, it’s about Starling.

Tide wasn’t either recommended or denounced in my post, simple cited as an example, in my opinion, of where people fatigued by waiting for a Starling product offering and information may have gone.

As you are almost certainly aware. Their offering is a business account, and is up and running. They have published a development, feature and release road map in December 2017. They seem to be trying much harder now to communicate having faced similar criticism of their own efforts previously. The very reason we started to use Tide, was the same person who recommended Starling to me, also directed me towards Tide after they had opened an account there having heard nothing from Starling about the business product.

As someone who use Starling and Tide, I can honestly say that I personally find Tide a bit more ‘giving’ when it comes to information.


That’s great to hear @jasonwilkinsonbrown

There is nothing more frustrating for people than waiting in silence. Communication ensures you maintain a connection with your customer base, even if it a simple ‘Just to let you know, we are still on target for our EOFY release date!’ and the odd teaser feature never goes amiss either!?


I have to admit, alarm bells are starting to ring with me over the structure of Starling and this product.

First, they announce the product, at which point some people try to get more info by contacting starling directly. Personally, I was told that I’d receive an email with the information before being told nothing (I’m assuming that some of the support team hadn’t been briefed).

Secondly, they bring Jason on to help build their products for business. Jason has absolutely helped to bring some information to us, but, he should have been there from the beginning and all of the details should have been worked out before there was even a hint of this’ll product on the roadmap.

On the note of details, I’m concerned about how long it has taken for the details to be worked out, pricing should have been issue number one along with regulatory constraints in my opinion but, as far as I can tell from the way Starling staff are talking, the decisions are coming right down to the wire… which opens all of us up to delays if something hits a snag while they’re working out the details.

Hopefully, these worries can be put to bed with the first piece of actual information later this week with pricing, I for one know that I haven’t yet chosen tide because I definitely have issues with their reputation but, I know it will be the first website I visit if Starling’s offering isn’t up to scratch.

I know I’m sounding impatient, but I’ll admit I expected a product sooner than we’re going to get it when I saw the “sign up for early access” above the form.

For now, I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

(Edit: sorry for the gloomy novel :joy: It’s late, I’m tired, and while I am impatient, I’m still hopeful that Starling’s offering will potentially blow the competitors out of the water.)


No need for the alarm bells @P110. Just in truth launching a whole new product is complex, not only because there are different rules for business banking versus personal banking but also to offer a business bank we fundamentally have to re-architecture core elements of our technology stack. When Starling launched everything was built around a 1:1 relationship i.e 1 personal customer has 1 personal account and that’s simple. Now we’re having to move towards a world where we can handle 1 to many relationships whereby 1 customer might have multiple accounts (1 personal, 1 business) and also 1 business account might need multiple persons that are authorised to access it. This is a totally different challenge so it’s extremely important we try to get it right.

Rest assured decisions are not coming down to the wire and it’s just a case of trying to find the right balance between over communicating and being in danger of people thinking “yeah, yeah I’ve heard this before” and not communicating enough whereby people end up getting frustrated. We won’t get it right everytime, but we’ll try to be as open as possible.

The beauty of this forum (which didn’t exist in my old role) is its a direct link between us. Feel free to message me whenever you want an update or have a question and I’ll always get back to you. Same goes for other forum members who might read this.

Happy Thursday!

Starling Business Current Account Pricing

Great comms - thanks @jasonwilkinsonbrown