Business Accounts for Sole Traders (iOS 51.0, Android 44.0)


Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to say we’ve expanded Starling for Business to allow sole traders to create an account for their business. We’ve started by making it exclusively available to existing personal account customers, and we’ll be opening up to all customers soon.

If you weren’t able to use the Business account because you aren’t registered at Companies House, then please give it a go now and let us know what you think.


Android Release 0.43.0
Sole Trader Accounts

Hi @ben.chisell,

Great news! In my case, I used to run a ltd company then changed to become a sole trader. For a number of years I have been in full time employment but have continued to run my business as a side venture. As such, my financials are probably nowhere near what you would expect from most “proper” self-employed sole traders.

When it comes to the financial questions on the account opening screen, are there any minimums or is it open to anyone?


Edit: clearly my financial projections aren’t an issue as I’ve just signed up no problem :slight_smile:


Hi @danmullen,

Glad to have you onboard! The account is designed to be used by any sole traders, including people like yourself who are running their business as a side venture. There aren’t any minimums - the only requirement is that you’re using the account for business purposes. Other than that, you’re good to use the account as you need to.

Let us know how you get on!


Yes! I’m so excited, I’ve been using Tide for ages waiting for either Starling or Coconut to open up to Sole Traders on Android, and now I’m just over the moon and can’t wait for my card to come.

Quite glad that Starling got here first - my income is split between so many payment providers depending on where my sales come from (gotta love that convention exhibition and online comics life) that I’ll be glad to consolidate the number of apps current sat on my mobile phone!


The signup doesn’t seem to work for me. As a ‘side venture’, I don’t do much publicity - so I have to click the ‘I don’t have a website’ option at the end. At that point, it says ‘Thanks, we’ll be in touch if we need any more info.’ At that point, the wizard just seems to stop. Doesn’t take me anywhere or give any indication that it’s done. I have to step back through every page to get out of it.

That was on Monday and I’ve not heard anything, so I assume it didn’t work as expected. I tried again just now, and same result.


Hi @Colin_Nicholson,

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter page, or similar? I think there’s an option to use that instead.

If you don’t, just quickly create a Twitter account…



It doesn’t say that’s a requirement. I didn’t need an online presence for my existing business account, and I don’t see why I should have one now.


Fair enough. Notwithstanding the issue you’ve had due to a lack of an online presence, I would think the overall sign-up process for most is a lot slicker and quicker than at a traditional bank. I would imagine you needed to provide various documents and information when you opened your existing business account?

@ben.chisell - can you shed any light on this issue please?


I run a business with no online present, also a limited company. Starling isn’t suited for the limited company, but I did consider moving my sole trader business but the fact you need an online presence is rather limiting.


I’m not sure you do, maybe the sign-up process just needs to be tweaked?


@Colin_Nicholson could you get in touch with CS? You certainly don’t need an online presence, the “I don’t have a website” button should produce a text box where you can just briefly describe what your business does. I opened a sole trading account during testing and have no online presence!


I did exactly this process too, and it worked for me :slight_smile: :+1:

(It would be nice if this text box was bigger than one line; I think I wrote a bit of an essay in there!)


I have been incredibly impressed with the personal account and have signed up for the business account and am waiting for my card… Now I just need freeagent integration and I can ditch tide and come over to starling 100%

Thanks for the hard work team starling!


I just tried it again today and it worked :smiley:. I’m sure I did the same things, but maybe I missed something.


Glad you got it sorted :+1:t2:


Any news on multi-PSC companies?


Tangentially related, but;

1/ is it possible to have a sole trader account in addition to a Ltd business account? (I have a Ltd and a side project).

2/ I opened the Ltd Starling account first, is there any update on when I’ll be able to open a personal account. It’s not currently possible in that order, I believe.

Thanks, and keep up the brilliant work! (I just want all the Starling accounts…)


Are there any delays/issues with cards being sent out at all? :thinking:

I completed the process on Tuesday, I think it said the card would arrive by the 7th, but still no sign of it.


currently you can only hold one business account with starling associated with a single phone number

I believe it can be sorted case-by-case via customer support.

I know, from personal experience, they can merge personal and business accounts created via different phone numbers. but talk to support first.


I signed up on the day it was opened up to sole traders and received my card yesterday.