Business Accounts & Credit Facilities


OK. I’m a network marketing professional with a low turnover at present but don’t have an existing traditional business bank account. I use a high street bank’s current & credit card accounts and often have more on my credit card than is in my current account.
I’m wondering how I could switch over to a Starling business account given my current situation & turnover.


There’s nothing to stop you keeping your credit card going for business purchases. A Starling Business account will at least give you a more professional presence (e.g. cheques can be made payable to your business name rather than your personal name) and it’ll keep transactions separate from your personal stuff.


@sarah.guha are overdrafts and short term loans for business accounts been planed?


What are cheques? :thinking::wink:
Keeping my credit card did occur to me. I guess I was hoping for a fully integrated solution.


it would be nice to get capitalontap integration


Not heard of capitalontap before. Does it work like credit card or loan?
I will investigate on Google!

#7 offers a pretty decent credit mastercard for free and 0% FX to businesses.
they allow easy transfer of funds to your bank account and do reviews each 3 months so the conditions improve with time.

they are probably the best a new small business can get credit wise.

They say you need 12 months trading, but I got mine approved after just 3 and they also provide other interesting options.


Hi @alejandro.mery, @ben.chisell is looking after the roll and roadmap for our business accounts and should be able to update you.


great, thank you