Business accounts are different because


Hi all,

I’ve just opened a starling sole trader account.

I’m currently a Tide user for business banking, and they’re great in many ways. But I would like to move to Starling for my business as I don’t like the pre-pay card aspect of Tide. Some companies refuse to accept it, and one of my main suppliers happen to be one of them!

Looking around the app for my business account in Starling, I don’t really see any differences between it and my personal Starling account. Is there anything different?

All the language still talks as if it’s a personal account ‘savings goals’ etc. I guess I was expecting something a little different from the personal accounts since it took so long to open registration to sole traders.

Or have I missed something?


They are basically the same at the moment. Only difference is you can register them in your business name. Even the cards are the same, and the colours, although they are planning to change that.


There’s no Settle Up option in Business accounts and no overdraft either. In all other respects I think they’re the same, which I’m pleased with :slight_smile:


Yeah, I guess I’ve been spoilt with Tide’s features and was expecting a product geared to business rather than a clone of my personal account with a different name.
Early days I guess.


there is no marketplace or interests for business accounts. but the cards are identical so you can enjoy a little bit of extra confusion


New business card designs are in the works :smile:


I heard the back in march :wink:
my first card as beta tester of the business account didn’t even include the company name on it to make the confusion really sweet.


I’d have hoped the business account would include Settle Up as I am currently self-employed and have used it with my personal account in order to receive payment from a couple of customers and found it very useful.