Business Account Switching Service / CASS


Is there any estimate for when business accounts will support the switching service?

I’d assumed it was available already but having actually tried I can’t find the option anywhere. Would be great to have it so I can close down my HSBC account and have any payments that customers send to the old account redirected.


Hey @jogu!

We are working hard to deliver CASS for our business accounts.

It will be announced soon, so keep those peepers peeled :eyes:


That’s great news, thank you Logan!


Can’t wait, then I can fully close my Yorkshire business account :slight_smile:


Just wondered if there was any news on this yet?


Same again, has there been any progress or news on a proposed date for the feature?


Hi everyone, we’ve booked in testing with the CASS service so this partly depends on the speed of CASS themselves but the goal is early September for this.


Thanks Charlotte!