Business account sign up process



Wasn’t sure where to post this.

Just signed up for a business account, on a bit of a whim. My business transactions currently go into a ring fenced current account but it makes sense for me to move this to its own business account now. The accountant will be happy at least.

The process was incredibly smooth, and at no point daunting. It was a little hard to find the correct business category, but all in all I can’t believe how quick the process was. I now have a business account in less than 5 minutes.

Credit where it’s due - excellent work!


Yeah its really easy to sign up, I was impressed when I did it.


I have just started my part time business, Printing Sublimation Mugs etc.
I have have a Starling Personal account but would like to keep the money separate, I have looked at the sign up process - I have a website it is online, but not stocked with products yet, should I wait until it is before I complete the sign up process ?

Many thanks


As long as your a registered company there should be no reason to wait. As you’re not charged any fees for a Business account you could open it now ready for any transactions.


I have opened and have account number etc, I am AMAZED at this Business account with Starling, 3 years ago when I had a print shop, I had a business account with Lloyds,
it was a good account, but the administration of it was a real pain, and the fee’s were very high for someone with a small turnover.
Thank you Starling :slight_smile:


The fees of other banks is one reason why I moved away from Yorkshire Bank Business while still within the free banking period and opened a Starling Business Account :slight_smile:


Same for me. I’ve moved from HSBC to Starling within the last 2 weeks. Besides fees, their customer service want fantastic either.


You don’t need an online present to open a Starling account, you don’t even need the business to be registered, as long as you are trading then you can open the account as a Limited company if registered or a sole trader. Either are simple to open.