Business Account / Personal Account


I recently opened a business account, so far it is perfect for my needs. The trouble I have is that I would really like a personal account to compliment the business account but seem unable to work out how I open this, any ideas?

Open personal account

I think if you contact support they can help with this.

Personal to business is possible. Vice Versa isn’t as far as I know


Thanks Brian. I did contact support and they have confirmed that because I opened a business account first I can’t have a personal account.

Sounds like a pretty big bug, is it getting looked at? I mean, before we look at a roadmap can we start with being able to have an account?


Wow! That’s a pretty big showstopper right there!


@sarah.guha any idea when this might be possible?


Thanks for flagging to me @Joe_Merriman.

On this one I’ll defer to @ben.chisell and @sam who are managing the delivery of business accounts and will be able to advise on timings.


I’ll be sure to direct to Ben or Sam for business account stuff.


I found this out recently also. Also keen to get a personal account now I have a business one.


I think I remember reading somewhere else on the forums that you have to open the personal before the business otherwise you can’t open a personal account


When setting up the business account as a new customer it should advise that you can’t get a personal after the fact. That way it won’t disappoint individuals once they start using the account in anger … and like it


I guess @sam and @ben.chisell aren’t interested?


@Colin We certainly are - sorry it’s been a busy few days as you’ll see from a post from @ben.chisell shortly :slight_smile:

We are working on adding the option to open a personal account to an existing business account, we built the other way round first as we have hundreds of thousands of personal accounts and were at zero business accounts. Now the business account is taking off, we really need to support going both ways!

Thanks for your patience and I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the business account


How is progress on resolving this coming along?


i’m keen to hear the news on this too - eager to switch away from my existing bank and use Starling, but i’m currently stuck with just business.


Any news for us?


@sam - any update on this? Now joint accounts are available, I need to be able to open a personal account, and as I opened business first, I’m stuck.


Hi @Andy_Cowan

We will be working on sign up changes now that joint accounts have been launched.

This will then allow you to create a personal account after the business account and then even a joint account if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:

Open personal account

Any clue what sort of timescales? Days, weeks, months? Nothing I can hold you to :slight_smile:



No timeframe just yet but this will be a big if not the main focus now.


Also, now joint accounts are out will business accounts for partnerships be arriving soon? (I’m also interested how the switcher would look like between personal/joint/business on iOS)