Business Account Notifications


@sam - so is the dot here to stay???


The dot is nicer IMHO


haha yes I think it is - I certainly prefer it!


In the future, people will look back at my sad, OCD-fuelled post and say, “that is the day the pipe was killed”.



In years to come when people are looking at their instant notifications. You can tell them of the great story where before there were dots we had pipes and how it was your mission to change this.


It’s one for the grandkids… :smiley:


Just a couple of ideas here (which might help the dot/pipe argument too).

  1. Use the Push Notification ‘Title’ attribute instead. So you get Personal/Joint/Business as the bold title at the top of the notification, then the message/transaction in the body of the push below.

  2. Adding in the merchant thumbnail to the push via rich notifications. Be nice to have a little icon on the right hand side of the push. Maybe that’s just me though :wink:

But as a user who has a personal and joint account, this is so much better now! Well done.


Both good ideas! :+1:t2:


My phone has too many notifications already, I’ll rather just see a simple notification that says it all. Seeing a Merchant logo is just taking up space when the notification says who it was already.

I only have a personal and business account, the new notifications work for me, the only thing lacking is they are not stored, so if you don’t read it, you have no idea, apart from a quick glance if you swipe away.

Being in bold might make that stand out so you can access the right account straight away though.


Did this actually happen?
If so how nice of Starling - think it would be the best thing you’ve done so far :wink:


@sam My apologies then!



This is why I’d like to be able to have an emoji to differentiate accounts in notifications, the text label takes up too much room and causes the actual message to wrap more, decreasing glanceability.

Reversed transactions notifications: Display transaction date

I take it that’s an Apple Watch (or similar).

Not sure if they could do an emoji for the Apple Watch, and keep it the same for phone (I prefer the writing on the phone personally).


Yep, Apple Watch.

It’s evident that many people would prefer emojis and many people would prefer text. So hopefully the feature to be able to set different account names (that I believe is being worked on) will solve this. If this label is also going to be used within the app though, then we may need to be able to set “Account Name” and “Notification Label” fields for each account, but in the least clunky way possible.