Business Account Notifications


Hi, We know that at the moment it’s a bit difficult to tell which notifications apply to which account if you have a business and a personal account. We want to improve this and would like to hear you thoughts on a few suggestions.

Idea 1: begin each notification with the account type it applies to e.g.
“Personal • You spent £9.90 at Amazon”
“Business • You spent £9.90 at Amazon”

Idea 2: add the account type to the notification text e.g.
“You spent £9.90 at Amazon from your personal account”
“You spent £9.90 at Amazon from your business account”

Idea 3: end each notification with the account type e.g.
“You spent £9.90 at Amazon • Personal”
“You spent £9.90 at Amazon • Business”

Would you prefer to be able to choose a nickname for your accounts that we use in the notifications rather than just the account type? e.g. “Office • You spent £9.90 at Amazon” and “Me • You spent £9.90 at Amazon”

How do you feel about emoji vs using the words for an account type?

(Also worth saying we won’t add something to all your notifications if you only have one account at Starling.)

Introducing Joint Accounts

Hi @Harry

I’m considering getting a business account with Starling within the next few months, so this is something of interest.

Personally, I’d prefer the first one, as no matter how long the notification is, the account name is always visible.

But I also like the idea of a “nickname” for an account. It could be up the individual to choose a name or emoji then, rather than being a set thing for all.

(Maybe you could add a poll to your post?)


specially considering joint and currency accounts are coming, and hopefully also the ability to have more than one business account… wouldn’t it make more sense to let us give meaninful aliases (emoji allowed!) to the accounts and then use that on the notifications?


I’d also go for the first option. I much prefer the wording to using emojis. Incidentally, I really appreciate @Harry coming on here and seeking input from the community :+1:t2:


I normally dislike emojis, but in this case I think they are the best solution. They give all the required information in the smallest amount of space, which is important in notifications as space is limited.

Maybe give the user the option to choose which one relates to each account.

It should go at the beginning of the notification to ensure it isn’t truncated.

":blonde_man: £9.90 spent at Amazon”
:briefcase: £9.90 spent at Amazon”

":blonde_man: £9.90 received from Amazon”
:briefcase: £9.90 received from Amazon”

Maybe a better emoji for personal, it’s all I could find at the minute


My preference would be Idea 3: “You spent £9.90 at Amazon • Personal”. This way the main message is less likely to wrap onto the next line so keeps it easily “glanceable”.

I don’t like Idea 2, it’s too wordy. Notifications should be as succinct as possible. As such, I think having an emoji for each account would be the best solution. Easy glanceable & succinct.

I’d be happy with the labels “Personal” and “Business”, or emoji’s :bust_in_silhouette: and :briefcase:, but if it’s to be anything else, I’d like to be able to customise it.

Edit: Good point about putting it at the start so it doesn’t get cut off on long notifications. If it’s an emoji it should definitely be at the start. If words, I’d probably want after the message.


I’ve not experienced it with Starling, but I have with other applications. It would be less of an issue if the notifications were accessible within the app itself.


My voute would go to Idea 1: Account type first - either text or emoji - followed by the rest of the notification.


I like idea 3 but it is under threat of being constantly truncated and we don’t have any decent way of reading them later


Agreed. Emojis wouldn’t detract from the important information, but excessive wording may do


I don’t have a business account and I’m unlikely to ever have one, but I like option 1. Great to see Harry interacting with the community and gathering feedback :+1:t2:


I would prefer the first option, because even if you don’t see the whole notification you will be immediately able to tell whether its business or if its personal.

Otherwise I would like to choose the name of each account myself. For example my business name can be shortened to three characters so I would be able to see more of the notification if the name was shorter.


If I had multiple accounts, I think I’d like idea 1, but with the option to name the account.

Down the line, you may have 2 business accounts for different businesses…

I’d get confused with emoji - But by giving people the option to name an account, perhaps you could also include an option for a “nick name”, which shows on the account notifications.

Also… Nice to see @Harry reaching out!


I’m really pleased to see involvement of the community before release, rather than the historical way where Starling release features based on how they think we want it them work.

This is something I’ve raised a few times, and is a definite positive step in the right direction.


No to emojis! I like idea #2. It’s slightly more wordy, but it’s correct English and looks professional.

Hate the idea with the “• Personal” and “• Business”.

Please don’t go all Monzo and start with the emoji crap!


Well I have to disagree with you all, I like option 2


But I love emoji :smile:


Could you potentially mock some notifications up and post screenshots of both iOS and Android? Sometimes seeing things immediately makes it obvious which is best, rather than us trying to imagine the example text you’ve suggested. It may also highlight and obvious issues when factoring in both operating systems.


@Matthewward1 - me too!


I think it sounds the best, but it would be the least practical (IMO).

Quickly being able to glance at a notification, and instantly know where it’s from would be my preference.