Business Account Closure


I’d like to be clear that this is not necesarily a complaint.

I opened my business account on the evening of the official launch. However for various reasons I now find myself in the lucky position of selling my company and needed to close the newly opened business account.

I contacted customer service through the app on April 25th , confirmed some details and was able to close my account (or so I thought). I was advised that I would receive an email in due course.

I contacted customer service again on May 1st to ask why the acount is still open and was advised that as a manual process, account closures take a little longer and that I would recieve an email.

Fast forward to today and I still have an account open in my company name which needs to be closed, in part because very shortly I’ll no longer be a director (or person of significant control) of said company and in part because I’ll be launching a new venture that I would like to use Starling for Business

Can someone at Starling shed some light on how long this process should take? I appreciate that things are not entirely streamlined for every aspect of everyones needs on the business front but I am little unsure as to why closing an account is such a difficult process.


Can @StarlingSupport advise on this one?


Customer service have now replied and it seems things are in hand.