Business account and personal account


Hey all,

Just a quick one was looking to change my business account over to Starling aswell, my personal account is already with starling and has been for many months, am I allowed 2 accounts? (1 business, 1 personal) would it be Integrated in my personal app? Or new app? Just trying figure out how it would work :nerd_face:


Maybe @sarah.guha or @JamesPratley can find out for you


Hi, those questions are all being worked out by our team as we develop the business product. We’ll update the community further as we progress.


Any update on this please. I have a personal starling account and would like to look at a business account for my LTD company. Can you have two accounts on one mobile?


Yes. I believe the plan is to have an account switcher in the app.


I’m also a personal account holder with Starling. And am desperate to have a business account too (so that I can get rid of my awful Natwest business account).

I think I’d be happy even if there were two different apps on my phone. One for my current account. And one for my business account. That’d be the simplest solution to avoid getting confused or making mistakes when managing personal money versus business money.