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I think having the Smart Meter has made me realise how much energy I’m actually using. It’s surprising to see how much certain things use a lot more energy than you think.

It’s also really useful for realising you’ve left something turned on too. A few times I’ve noticed that I’ve left the Hob or the Oven on because the Smart Meter is showing a higher reading that I would expect at that particular time of day for example.

My PS4 now gets turned off completely instead of being put into Rest Mode for example (unless I know I’ll be remotely connecting). My Mac Mini gets put to sleep properly so that my Drobo Mini goes into Standby properly, etc etc.

I’ll miss the Smart Meter functionality when BG kill it. I was hoping Bulb were going to get their act together with Smart Meters but they’ve pushed it back again sadly.


Really useful Intel…


Yep I have smart lights now, smart plugs, turn things of completely, I wouldn’t have even thought of my energy usage until I got a smart meter.

I’ve left the cooker on a few times and only noticed because I’ve noticed too much energy usage on my display.


There are certain things I draw the line at though. I know of people who turn the shower off when shampooing their hair. And having a timer in the shower even for adults. You’ve gotta live a little, and sometimes that costs a little extra.


Wow. These people should be taken out and publicly shamed. I can’t pretend i don’t feel disgusted at their actions.


Put a towel around them first though :scream: