Bulb energy referral codes


Just about to change energy supplier and BULB has come up the best price, does anyone have a referral code that I may use please.
Many thanks

Jumping out of Starling and into Monzo (for a month)


You’ll get £50 credit Michael. So will I. Cheers!


Thanks Guys all sorted now


On the off-chance anyone else wants one, I have one.


I just compared bulb against my current supplier (economyseven.co.uk) and I got a pretty laughable

Get 100% renewable electricity for just £77 a year extra

especially considering I already have “100% renewable electricity and gas”… I don’t think bulb’s pretty app is worth the difference.

Sorry @BoutTime, no referral bonus from me.


No worries @alejandro.mery. When I did my comparison there were a few that were £50 odd cheaper a year. But I read the reviews of these companies written after 12 months by customers who tried to leave. And they were shocking. Not so with Bulb. Also there are no charges for leaving and you can make some money back with your referrals. If you use mine you get £50 credit on your account. Then you will have your own code to share which will get you £50 each time. So your £77 soon becomes insignificant. But if your are happy where you are then no problem. Cheers.


Just for info…a colleague at work has a Nissan Leaf EV and swears by Economy 7 tarrifs as it’s cheaper for charging the car over night. Apparently you can set the car to only take a charge after the time the cheap electricity kicks in.


I’ll probably switch to this when my NPower deal runs out in October, will ask for a code on here then.


Well, if anyone wants a referral in the meantime, try:


Here you go


As a fellow John Squire fan I hope you’ll click on my referral @Andrew_Buckland :sunglasses:


Just got paid £50 from your link. Many thanks enjoy a some free money!


That’s great John. Many thanks. Now make your own referral code work for you!

Just stay off my patch :wink:


I can confirm from my dealings with bulb that their customer service is top notch. It also worked out a lot cheaper for me than any of the other companies that had decent scores for customer service. Here’s a link just in case https://bulb.co.uk/refer/samuel4434


Just in case what? Just in case my link doesn’t work?


Just in case they don’t want you to get the £50 :joy:


So cruel. :joy:


I just used your code so hopefully you’ll get your £50 credit :slight_smile:

If anyone feels so inclined my referral code is http://bulb.co.uk/refer/robertc0415


Many thanks Rob, I got notified… Hopefully you’ll get some referrals now also :grin: