Bug with recurring payment dates


@StarlingSupport I’ve spotted a bug with recurring payments.

I set up a payment to my Nationwide FlexPlus account for the last day of the month, starting 31 May. (£13.00 to cover the packaged account fee.) This went out as planned on 31 May. Last month, it went out on 30 June, again what I would expect as that was the last day of the month.

Checking my list of scheduled payments, this month’s has been set to 30 July. This is wrong - it should be the last day of the month but it looks like it’s retained 30th from the previous payment. I presume a similar thing would happen in February and payments would be changed to 28th from March onwards.

I am going to have to manually change the payment date to the correct one after every month with less than 31 days in it. I’m sure this isn’t intended behaviour. Could it be looked at fairly quickly please?

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Maybe if it goes out on a leapyear on the 29th it waits 4 years before going again :rofl:


I would consider this to be a very important issue. I get paid the last weekday of each month so the best date I can choose for scheduled payments is the last day of each month.
With this issue there is a probability a scheduled payment will go out before pay day at some point.


That is exactly what will happen this month if I don’t manually change the payment date. I get paid on 31st and this payment has been incorrectly changed to 30th.

I’ve sent a message to CS through the app. I’m amazed that this hasn’t affected anyone sooner!


This definitely needs looking at. I won’t pay DDs from Starling after my account switches as I’ll continue to pay DDs from another NatWest account. This is one reason why. But I will have a Standing Order going from Starling to NatWest to cover the DDs. And I don’t want the Standing Order going out before I get paid. Good spot @danmullen. Another little quirk that needs sorting out.


The simplest way would be to have an option of last day of month or last weekday of month. Pretty sure I’ve seen these options when setting up DD mandates.


Even if you specify the last weekday of the month both Easter and at times Christmas at least will delay a DD being debited from an account.


Hi all,
We will verify if we indeed have a bug in showing the correct date each month.
Give us a bit of time to asses that and I will get back to you later today with some updates.

Thank you, Kris.


Thanks @Kris. I’ve sent a message to CS through the app with all the details of my example. You can go back through my transactions and see it was originally configured in May to go out on 31st.

@Jon - this issue is with Standing Orders rather than Direct Debits.


I was replying to @BoutTime but messed up :slight_smile:


Will last weekday not take into account public holidays?
Also does this apply to Standing Orders?


I’m not a big user of Standing Orders so have never noticed what happens if the due date falls on a bank holiday.


Standing orders should go out on the date specified - I had several leave my account on Sunday 1st.


Cheers. That should work then. If I can set last day of month it would work as most of my DDs leave NatWest account 1st of month.


Well, that’s the current issue. My standing order that’s supposed to go out on the last day has been changed to 30th.


Exactly. What I meant was if they address the issue you’ve raised, it will work ok for my Standing Order. Especially if they work over weekends.


Yes. My payment to Nationwide went out on Saturday, then I had a number go out on Sunday, e.g. Wealthify.


I’ve got a similar query here, I have two scheduled payments to go out on the first of every month, one to Monzo, and another to a Santander account for my share of the mortgage. For some reason the Monzo one went out on Sunday the 1st as expected, but the other one didn’t, and has gone today. Is there any reason behind these double standards?


Hi all, this has now been logged as a bug.


Thanks for confirming @Kris. I shall manually update my payment date for this month.