Bug report: overlapping text on pulse


This appears to be a new bug that’s cropped up recently, where new transactions overlaps the “nothing spent today” message:


iOS, version 0.46.1

Day’s transactions issue

Thanks for this @Rob. We’re aware of the issue - fix should be in the next release.


When I reported this on Twitter (with screenshot) I was told that if I wanted Starling to investigate then I should use the contact us page.

The onus should be on whoever is operating the Twitter account to file the bug report, not put back on the customer to use a different way of getting in touch.


They are aware of this bug and it’ll be fixed soon.


Totally agree with this!





See attached image. The dashboard is saying Nothing Spent Today, and also showing a balance spent today.


Hi Paul - this bug should have been fixed in the latest release! Could you please check that you’re running 0.47 for iOS or 0.40 for Android and let us know if that resolves the issue?


Hi @Catherine. I am running iOS 0.47.0.


Hi @Paul_Offer I can’t seem to replicate this. Be great if you can give me more device info? Your screenshot looks like you might be on ipad (I might be wrong) or smaller device. Let me know and we’ll take a look.


Hi @sarah.guha. This issue was on my iPhone 6, using iOS 0.47.

I have had a similar issue on the Payee screen using my iPad. See Overlapping text on Payee screen.


Thanks, we’ll double check this again then.


Ok. I haven’t had the problem since, so it may have been a one-off glitch.


I had it happen to me several times. It happens the first time you go to that screen from a cold start (eg. after rebooting iOS or closing the app from the task manager).