Bug report (iOS app) adding photos to payees


When I try to add a photo to a payee, the cropping tool previews the crop wrongly (at least on iPhone X).

Also, I don’t think I should need to enter my (long, difficult) password just to update a payee’s photo. This could be done with face-ID security, or no additional security as it’s only updating a picture.




Hi Paul!

Thank you for reporting this. I have passed this on to the team so they can take a look into it. Can you take a screen shot for us so we can have a visual to work off of?

With regards to the password being required to upload a photo, we appreciate the feedback and this has been sent to the relevant team :grinning:


Below is the image I uploaded to demo this problem, it has a transparent background. I’ve chosen something circular so you the effects of the off-centredness are more apparent.

Below is how it looks in the cropping window, off-centre and it won’t let me drag it down to be centred in the preview square. I would also expect it to either retain its transparency or make the transparent parts white in keeping with the app background colour.

Below is how it ends up on my payee, cropped too tight so some of what was visible in the preview is missing:


Thank you very much! I have passed this all on to the relevant team :grinning: