Bug report: error on account switch documentation


The account switch documentation specifically states that you can’t use the automatic account switcher without it closing your old account.

But when you do through the process it gives you the undocumented option of doing a partial switch, which doesn’t close your old account.

Here’s the FAQ that says a partial switch isn’t possible.


I done a partial switch last year using the iOS app. If a partial switch takes place, I don’t think you are protected by the switch guarantee.

FAQ from the Current Account Switch website:

Do you have to close your old account

“Your old bank will close your old account as part of the switching process. This ensures that any payments made to your old account are automatically redirected to your new account”

“If you want to, you can switch and keep the old account open, but you won’t be able to use the Current Account Switch Service”


Hi there,

That’s correct, we have implement a partial switch capability but this is not covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee and the documentation provided by the Bacs who run the Current Account Switch Service. This is why a partial switch is not referenced in the FAQs.

That said, when we launched we were required to display the FAQs as is (and as @Joe_Merriman highlights these echo what is said on the Current Account Switch website) however this has since been relaxed and so we do have an opportunity to make this more accurate so we’ll make sure we review these FAQs.

Thank you for flagging this to us.



Thanks Sarah, I think you done a better job clarifying :see_no_evil: