Bug: Map Appears for Online Transactions


I made online payment to Kwik Fit. The payment was correctly identified as online payment.
However it still shows address and map of some totally random KwikFit garage in the app.

My understanding was that when a transaction appears as online it shouldn’t have any address and map attached to it.


I appreciate you flagging this - we’re looking in to clearing our merchant data and will add this to the list. Thanks! :slight_smile:


The transaction has just changed and now the address is no longer Broxburn, but Letchworth Garden City. That’s a bit disturbing that the address changes from one wrong to the other wrong one just like that…


Hi @Dmitry_Trofimov - I have looked into this case. Although your purchase was online at kwik-fit.com the transaction data we received from Mastercard includes a post code location for your purchase - in this case it is Broxburn which is why a map displays in your app. I don’t know the ins and outs of how kwik-fit manage their distribution but as they sell tyres online only they might route the purchase and distribution via their franchise businesses (a bit like a third party reseller on Amazon). This might be why we are receiving a location despite your purchase being online.

Having seen your first comment our team here updated the record with the headquarters address as in our interface we cannot remove an address altogether. The Broxburn address however is the correct one… and had you made the payment via another bank you would also have seen the Broxburn postcode in the description if they displayed it to you. I have therefore asked the merchant team to return the address to the Broxburn one. You should see this change back.

Separate to this is the question of whether we should only display location maps in the apps for card present transactions, or if we have a location for the purchase we show the data we receive no matter the type of card payment it was. I’ll add this to our list of optimisations.


This is a really good indication of just how complex the merchant data reconciliation process can be. An eye-opener indeed…


Hi Sarah, thanks for a detailed explanation.
I understand the complex tech reasons why I am seeing Broxburn, however I feel like for online payments it is better to show no address rather than a wrong one. Hope this will get sorted soon. Thanks again!


Thanks - this opinion is definitely useful, thank you.


Hi @sarah.guha any updates on this? Or any way to list a transaction as online when suggesting improvements?

I feel that whenever a transaction shows up as “online payment” in-app, there shouldn’t be a map attached to it (e.g. Uber or online travel insurance providers)


Sorry no update but this is still on it list.


Thanks for the reply anyway. Is also seeing the actual transaction details still on the list? I remember seeing that on some drafts of the “suggest improvements” tab a while ago.