Bug in Goals



Each time I click on the Goals tab, 2 goals switch places and then the balance of one of them disappears. A third goal, the balance disappears and then comes back. I’ve uploaded a private video to YouTube so you can see it in action.

Can you report this to your developers for a fix?




Log this directly in-app. They’ll pick it up quicker that way.


I wasn’t sure on the best way to report. Will via app. Thanks Graham


Good lad, let us know how it goes, eh?


Will do :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this with us, I’ve not seen this one before. We’ll see if we can replicate. What version of the app are you on, and what device/OS? Thanks!


Hi Sarah
iPhone 7, iOS 11.3, Starling app version 0.46.1


I’ve noticed something in goals which I’m not sure it’s a bug or not, but I have a commute goal with target of £100 and an auto transfer of £100 each month. The regular payment deletes itself every month once the target is met, I’m assuming this is because the target is met. The payment set up is set as until cancelled which I’m assuming should continue regardless. Is this expected behaviour? I’ve got round it by changing the target amount but wanted to check how it should be working. I’m on the latest version of IOS


Hi @Matthewward1 - its good to understand how you use Goals to ringfence your commute budget. At the moment when you reach your goal, scheduled payments will stop… but now we understand your use case (which makes sense) there might be reason to adjust how this works. Leave it with us, and thanks.


Thanks Paul. I’ll see if we can replicate this today and raise a bug. Thanks.


Thanks Sarah


Any word on improving the flexibility of what happens to scheduled goal payments when a target is met?

I’ve only just realised that it currently cancels the scheduled payment and it’s put a spanner in the works for how I use goals. I also have goals that I use to pay monthly bills, monthly savings etc which I have scheduled daily and weekly payments setup for. I set the target as the required amount so I can instantly see how “healthy” the pot is. But if I reach the target and then pay some out to pay for a bill, I really need the scheduled payment to continue.

Currently, the “Ending” options for scheduled payments are:

  • When Cancelled - surely this should just keep paying until manually cancelled?
  • Until Date
  • For a number of payments

How about adding a new option:

  • Until the target is reached

The wording/capitalisation could do with improving for these options.


That would be good, especially if it factored in the difference between the target and the current amount, reducing the payment if it would take you over the target. As an example, I put £100 per month in the goal, which had a target of £1000 and a current balance of £950 - this month’s contribution should be £50.


Yeh, that’s how I’d expect this option to work too.


It’d be nice if we got a notification when a goal’s target was reached. Then we could take an appropriate action:

  • Buy the item saved up for
  • Pay the bill
  • Restart the scheduled payments