Bug in Goals - Endless Loop


Hi Starling,

I sent you an email about a bug in Goals I came across this morning after editing my “Christmas Holidays” goal and changing a Scheduled Payment on that to One Off.

After that my goal became inaccessible, and every time I try editing it my app enters an endless loop of authentication re prompts. And never edits the goal.

This bug doesn’t even let me remove the goal now. I can edit any of the other Goals…

I really think this is a server side issue. Please look at my email cause I’m afraid more people could encounter this as well. Could be a new bug after the last android update. Also it just bugs me (pun intended) to live now with a broken Goal in the app, even if that goal is Empty.

It reminds me of the old android app days where everything was bugged and force closing.

My phone is a OnePlus 5T and I already tried reinstalling the app and clearing cache /data. EDIT : app version is 0.29.2

Thank you.


Thanks, we have your email and are looking into this issue for you.


Hi thanks @sarah.guha , it’s really not ideal to live with the broken goal like this! I recreated it with a different name but the broken one is still there totally bugged


Hi @gonzgonz - I’m very sorry you still have a goal that is causing your app to crash. We have made progress on identifying the issue to I hope you are kind enough to wait a short while longer. What we have identified is that your goals is being returned to the app with a payment schedule of null. This is allowed in terms of our platform, but the Android app is not handling that state correctly. We’re making the updates and hope to have this available in our next release. I’ll update you on a more specific date when I have one. Thanks Sarah.


Hey, thanks for the update. Well my goal was empty anyway so you guys were
now able to delete it and my app is not faulty any more.

The cause was changing the schedule to “one-off” which I guess is what made
it be “null” .

I think Devs should look into testing that scenario of setting a scheduled payment
in Goals and then putting it back to one-off in android.


Hi @gonzgonz - Your goal is now deleted so I hope the issue is resolved for you.