Bug accessing overdraft screen


@StarlingSupport I’ve come across an issue with regards overdrafts… if you go to the Account Management screen, you can access your overdraft details. Switching to a business or joint account doesn’t immediately remove the Overdraft option. Clicking on it results in an error message and the option disappears:

“An unexpected error occurred. Please try again.”

If you then go back to your personal account, the Overdraft option doesn’t reappear. The only way to get it back is to visit the home screen then navigate to Account Management again.

I think you need to look at redrawing/refreshing the Account Management screen when switching accounts. In fact, I have seen and reported a similar issue with the Card screen with respect to Google Pay in-app provisioning, so it’s probably a good idea to completely refresh whenever the account view is switched.

Overdraft option on personal account missing
Overdraft option on personal account missing

It’s probably because the swipe has been removed,!

Bring back the swipe!


Yep. I am still waiting for it to come back. I check every day. I’d like to ask them for it every day but they’d soon get fed up of me so I bite my tongue and keep quiet. But it really is a UI UX issue.


It’s a refresh issue that the engineers are aware of.

We’ll get it fixed :+1:t3:

In the meantime, switching between the account, as you mentioned, will get rid of the option.


Anyone else seen an issue whereby you are in personal account, press the menu for you account and don’t see the overdraft option?

If I switch between personal and joint a few times it appears on the joint. Clicking it crashes the app

iOS 11.4 latest app


@LoganAllan @Oliver_Wright please log this crash reported here.


I reported this a few days ago:


We’re aware of the ‘Overdraft’ and ‘Switch to Starling’ bug. Seems to not be refreshing properly when you’ve opened a joint account.