Budgeting tool/extra notifications?


New to starling here, been giving it a trial alongside Monzo.

There’s a few things which is are stopping me to just sticking with starling… the main one is that there’s no budgeting tool, I can’t set budgets for each category to spend each month, I’ve looked it up and starling did mention this last September but there’s been no updates on the topic since. Has anyone heard anything or feel this would be useful as well?

2 minor things - with Monzo I get a notification (the same as starling. saying “you spent xx at xx” but I also get a You’ve spent xx today” on the end which I don’t get with starling. Finally - Monzo also notify me when my usual direct debit with a certain company has gone up for this month. I know all I have to do is open the app but sometimes, in relation to my first point, I’m at the pub and don’t open my phone until the next day when it’s too late and I’ve spent too much :joy: and in relation to my second, I forget about certain direct debits and and that some companies like to take more money now and then.


I agree that all these areas need further development. I don’t think there has been any recent news on the spending section but it would be nice to know if it’s going to be improved at some point.


Yeah, they even posted some screenshots last year but it looks as if it’s just been forgotten about since!


Hi @Rob_Crees some very valid feedback there.

It’s good to hear you are trying Starling alongside Monzo. Both banks are great in different areas and it’s good to explore what works for you and what doesn’t.

Hopefully Starling take note of this post.

If you do have any other questions or feedback please post away. :grinning: