Budgeting - A new section for creating budgets per category


A budgeting section would be much appreciated, even something as simple as the image above. A way of creating budgets per category or even retailer.

Like ‘Goals’, the budgeted money should be segregated from your balance so as to avoid not being able to buy food or travel, in the event that you use your entire balance.

In the event that you do go over budget in a certain category, you could opt to add additional funds to that budget, though the status would remain as “Over budget” as a reminder for next month so that you can reconsider your spending budgets.

Note: Apologies if this would be better suited to another category or topic. I found similar topics, though perhaps not as specific.


I personally wouldn’t use the feature, but I can see it could come in handy for some.

The ability to work out a budget and then track it, is a good way of keeping on top of finances.


I agree this would be a very helpful way to track spending and see where you are versus budget a various times in the month. I believe Monzo offers this feature.


I agree, I think that would be a very useful addition.