Branch Closures


More branch Closures today announced across the banking industry. Nothing more shouts about the publics use of mobile banking than this, yet there’s still a lot of uproar (even though the average user visits just once in three months).

People just aren’t using their banks like they used to, as we are all well aware. Banks may be closing branches, but interestingly there is very little in the way of a clear strategy to combat the changes from the legacy banks that is obvious. It’s like as if the bank closures are still a surprise.

The thing about all of this news I see is the typical quotes along the lines of “you could switch if your bank closes, but when they’re all closing, who do you switch to?”

Mobile only banks.


Keep plugging away to make this the go to bank when all that is left is mobile only banking. Stay on the front foot :+1:


RBS & NatWest are closing a lot of branches.


More to the point 700 staff


Quite a few of them are around our area @Joe_Merriman - Tring, Harpenden, Chesham…


Although never a good thing with job losses, it does give a platform to promote mobile only banking.


That’s the sad part :cry:


I’ll have to check out what ones are closing


The thing with this closure of branches is that Starling may not be an option for some people. If those people are losing their NatWest branch they’d still be unable to pay in cash.

There’s a certain level of irony in people stating that mobile only banks are partly responsible for the closure of branches, yet those same mobile only banks rely on those branches for paying in money.

Hopefully Post Office or PayPoint will become available to Starling users. Those people losing their Natwest branch may then actually be better off switching to Starling as they’d have more places available to pay in money.


I don’t pay cash in ever, or cheques because I refuse to accept them. Fact is, there is already an alternative to having to pay cash in or cheques, it’s about getting people to use those options.

Interesting to see what will happen though for these customers who s banks close and what alternatives are being pipe lined by legacy banks


I’ve never cashed a cheque or used my cheque book :see_no_evil:


Not really surprising, there will be a lot more in the coming years. It is a problem for certain demographics though. I’ve not been in my legacy bank branch for at least a year, maybe two. I don’t generally receive cheques or pay in cash so not a problem for me.


The thing is, when your local branch closes, citing the fact that everyone is banking through their app, your bank effectively becomes mobile only.

So what would be the point of switching?


A better mobile app and customer service, I guess?


What Thom said: it’s all about he who can produce and provide the best mobile banking platform, which is why the likes of starling have to keep pushing to stay on the front foot whilst multi million pound banks lag behind, but have the power to snatch the market much easier. They have to really produce the goods now!

Squeeky bum time!


Better customer service and a better app are good reasons to switch per se, but I’m not convinced that customers would use the arbitrary closing of their branch to seek these out, necessarily.


I agree. I guess the question is, what would make or encourage them to switch to a mobile only bank? The answer here is what the likes of Starling need to really grasp on to, it’s just unfortunate the answer is not as simple as the question.


I think the combination of branch closures and the current situation of the Link ATM system is more than enough to start changing the way people bank and think about banking. While there will be a group who need and rely on their local branch - there will be others who will embrace mobile banking.


They are closing my local Natwest and the last time i sent to a cheque to starling. It took a painfully long time to get it cashed. (5 days before they even told me they had received the cheque from when I posted it) Then another 5 days before I could use the money. I accept cheques are not there thing just surprised how long it still took I didn’t want to use my legacy bank as I still have to put the cheque in the post. Surprised how many big companies still use cheques to do refunds. So please as it has been requested before, can we use post office counters to pay the money in to Starling


Yeah, and government bodies too. I’ve only had to pay in a cheque twice in the last couple of years. Once was when I sold my motorbike and the DVLA issued the tax refund via cheque. The second was when I sold my car and the DVLA issued…

Both times I asked them if there were any other refund means, given that I’d purchased the tax by debit card online. They said refunds can only be issued by cheques.

I fully embrace cashless and rarely have more than a tenner in my pocket (usually withdrawn some months prior), but sometimes there isn’t an option.


I have to say I use my legacy bank to cash cheques and cash - usually through their ATM, and then transfer to Starling.