bPay-like service


Barclay’s Bpay service is great but it only works as a pre-paid and not as a real debit card.

It would be good if Starling could be the first UK bank to introduce wearables that directly charge your account, rather than be a standalone account you need to top up.

That way we would have the convenience and security of a wearable without losing the benefits and functionality of the Starling account.


(the convienience and security being not having to carry with you or remove from your pocket a wallet or phone)


I think this is a great idea, I use Bpay loop on my Apple Watch strap.
Would be great is Starling could introduce something like Bpay offer


I’d love this idea and would be willing to pay the outright cost for the device(s) if they were reasonably priced. :smile:

EDIT: I just realised that unlike previously you can have a bpay device without a Barclaycard account, am going to give the band a go as it’ll be handy for travel. :slight_smile:


it is great on public transport, at the beach, in a nightclub, a concert, anywhere you don’t want to be pulling out a wallet or purse


I’ve gone ahead and ordered a bracelet, it seems like a cool bit of kit. I love the idea that I won’t have to carry my wallet around when I’m working anymore and the idea of not having to dig into my pockets when wearing gloves to pay for a bus journey anymore. :slight_smile:


Hi Michael
Interesting how you say you have the Bpay loop on your Apple Watch strap. Why do you not use the Apple Pay on your Watch? Just interested in your use-case for Bpay. I’ve looked at it a few times but not found a use-case that I would choose that over the Apple Pay on my Watch so I’m really interested in how you use it.

I have my credit card, my joint bank account debit card and my Starling card on my Watch and with a double-click and flick, I can pay with any card. I’m not sure what Bpay would give me so hope you can help.
Look forward to hearing from you


I’m pretty clumsy, I would like a smartwatch but I’m pretty sure I’d accidentally scratch or crack it against a wall or something whilst working.

I have a Swatch watch that’s around a year or so old and I’m always accidentally scratching it. I’ve found rubbing toothpaste into the plastic screen removes 99% of any damage done. :wink:

A bPay bracelet is pretty inexpensive and they look pretty durable too. :slight_smile:


Hi Stu
Do you know I’ve not tried Apple Pay, I think I’m just lazy, I think you have to add a pass code to the watch?
I think I should give it a go!


I have just added my Starling card to my Apple Watch !


Let me know how it works. I’m interested in all banking stuff so if there is a use for Bpay that Apple Watch doesn’t satisfy, it would be great to hear about it from someone with practical experience.

@thom_horne - Agree with you and can see that particular benefit for more accident-prone people. Agree that a smartphone isn’t always the best option and the Bpay could be good. But when someone has a Watch (like I do), I was struggling to see the use and benefits of Bpay. Will be great to hear Michael’s practical findings from both systems.


I have a bPay band and have used one for round 2 months now.

The app, is very easy to use. You link a card/bank to your bPay account, then top it up. I have my Starling Card linked to it. I have it set up to auto top up by £5 if it goes under £30.

Sometimes I will have to manually top up.

You can only use it for a maximum of £30, as with most contactless cards.

I like the reaction I get from people when I put my wrist upto the card machine. ;p;


Hi Stu,
I used Apple Watch with my Starling Card added (Apple Pay). I used it in Costa this morning and at the petrol garage.
So, is it better than Bpay? of course it is, god only know why I did not make the move sooner.


That’s great to hear. I have to say my Starling card with my iPhone/Apple Watch is superb and so convenient. I also have to say I was confused why you had a Bpay tag on the strap of an Apple Watch, but if it was just a case of setting it up, that explains it. I thought I was missing a benefit of Bpay. Thanks very much for coming back to update me/the forum.

I do, of course, understand the Bpay benefits for others in this thread, e.g. where they don’t get a smartwatch because they don’t trust their accident-prone record.


I used to use Bpay a lot, but nowadays I don’t. I always have my phone with me, so Android pay is just as quick and without the £30 limit, no need to top up either. I liked the fact with Bpay you could just tap your watch, so will look at getting a new smart watch with that ability, but until then the fact you have to top up Bpay just seems a bit backwards to me in 2017.

You also don’t have security with Bpay that you do with Android pay or smartwatches, and I use Transport for London services, and have been charged before when I shouldn’t have because my Bpay watch fob touched a point by mistake.

So I understand why some like Bpay and I did, but nowadays because I have had charges I shouldn’t have, to me its not even something I would consider, and I would envisage that’s why other companies haven’t bought out something similar.


Quite simply; using an Apple Watch (or equivalent) is more secure but if your battery runs out then the bPay band is ideal as it doesn’t use any power… Useful for festivals where you may have no battery to charge your phone/watch.


I just received my band and I’m currently in the process of setting it all up. I’ve inputted the card ID (printed on the card holder) into the bPay app and all seems to be go after setting up how I’d like to top up the small bPay chip that lives in the band.

I had a little explore into the app and noticed that the card details “TfL Secure Information” can be viewed so that they can be added to oyster Online for detailed TfL travel information. :grin:

I had to later create a password to view my account online; the phone app is only capable of unlocking via a five digit PIN of the users choice and the option for fingerprint is nowhere to be seen.

Viewing anything “secure” such as the TfL Secure Information fires off a warning email incase of fraud, as did setting up an online password so I can view my account via web browser.

I’ve also found that after a minute or so of inactivity in the bPay app it will require the passcode to be re-entered.

Overall the app does little more than show your transactions and allow topping up / control over auto-topups. I found the web portal to have few more features, such as being able to rename my wallet from “Wallet 01” to “bPay Band” which looks a lot better. :smile:

I would however like a way to export my transactions, the web portal has no options to print a list of transactions whatsoever. Although telling the browser to print the page directly would most likely not be very pretty but should work.

Overall at first glance the band seems to do everything I need of it, it’s sturdy, cheap, weatherproof and fully integrates with TfL.


Definitely interesting and we always want to make it easier for you to use your account. We’ll look into it.


Thanks @sarah.guha A Starling product that works like bPay would be awesome; am looking forward to seeing any future developments on this. :smile:


Good point. The festival/battery life thing is a great consideration for some.