Birmingham Advertising Campaign


I was on the bus into Birmingham city centre, and I noticed that Starling have an advertisement in one of the billboards on the route. Has anyone else seen these? How long have they been there? It’s good that Starling are now advertising to the wider public like this.


I havent, but I’ve noticed that they also advertise on Google via their AdWords programme.


You got us! :see_no_evil:

If you find another one, we’d love a pic! :camera_flash:


Just spotted these in Birmingham new street station! Was anyone else in the city for Chinese New Year? Anyway I think I got them all! Was very excited - my fiancé thought I’d had too much bubble tea…


Thanks Mike for the effort of taking them all, great contribution, as we are interested to see them.


Awesome pics - thank you. We’re just as excited as you are! :camera_flash:


This is wicked! cheers for snapping the pics @Mike_Chorlton :ok_hand:


How about about a big PR event where Starling drive a fleet of electric vehicles from us at Nissan-Renault - zero emissions - zero fees :slight_smile:


Great work, Mike.


Nice campaign :smiley:


This just reminded me I saw a large Revolut cardboard stand in Vilnius airport in Lithuania.


Just been re-looking at them, they’ve got numbers in the top corner. It goes up to 32 but I only saw 9 or so. Any chance we could get a sneak peak of some of the others? Or do we have to go hunting?


Prizes for snapping the set?


What a good opportunity to get the word out

I wonder if Starling has a means of linking up and thereby finding which advertising campaign generated the most interest


It could be there are 32 ads on the system, 9 or so Starling then 10 for another firm, 2 for another, etc, until it goes around in a circle and starts again with Starling!? Surely someone in Starling’s marketing team will know!?


Just a suggestion, I’ve tried and tried to get my partner to go starling bank but she says she will when the App Store rating number reaches 10’s. So maybe how about television advertising?


Saw this in Perry Barr, Birmingham.


Are the you still seeing the billboards around?


Saw some last week at New Street station.


Thanks Graham, has anyone seen them this week?