Big Announcement Tuesday?


Just seen this tweet:

Samsung Pay? :thinking:


Samsung Pay would be good


You beat me to it :slight_smile: Samsung Pay possibly, but is there enough demand for it?


iphone giveway seems unlikely! :tired_face:


Either way, choice is great and I’m excited for what ever it is :slight_smile:


Oooh. Interesting, I’m so curious. My bets on Samsung Pay?


I just read this:

Reports also suggest that Samsung is having internal discussions with its manufacturers about bringing Samsung Pay to devices outside of Samsung’s own in order to expand its user base, which would require the manufacturers to develop the same unique chips that allow for magnetic secure transaction (MST) payments on Samsung devices. According to those speaking to Gadgets360, however, this is already a part of these talks.

So it looks like, going forward, Samsung may open it up to other manufacturers, so long as they meet the spec.


Euro currency accounts?


Savings accounts?


Ability to send SEPA payments?


Umm hoping it’s Connected Accounts :sushing_face:


Could it be support for PAYM?


The first UK bank to join SOFORT? Would be great to be ground breaking, but unlikely!


Report missing logo/merchant name from application?


Cheque book. !!! :grinning:



I don’t know why they’d be so much demand for Samsung Pay especially as Android Pay works on Samsung phones! And Anne seems quite excited by it.

I reckon it’s connected accounts, but I wish it was MasterCard SecureCode so I use my card online to its full potential.


Opening up of the Marketplace?
Connected Accounts?
Ireland launch?


The tweet of Apple Pay to Android Pay does suggest that it is another offering in the Tap and Pay field, i.e. Samsung Pay

Or is it a deliberate misdirection?

My money is on Colonel Mustard in the Living Room with the Lead Piping purchased using his Starling card :female_detective:



Congratulations on winning comment of the week; your prize is a like and knowing that you made me laugh. :slight_smile:


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