Betfair deposit


I went to add Starling to my Betfair account. I’m worried it will recognise the card as a credit card, rather than a debit card, and therefore charge me a fee.
Can anyone assist?


On all my receipts it says “Mastercard Debit” you should query them if they do charge! Roll on January


Thanks. Just added the minimum deposit as a test and no fee was charged.


I’ve noticed a couple of sites simply won’t allow deposits using the card, is it still recognised as prepaid?


I was only wary it would be accepted as a credit card (similar to the warning I get when using an ATM machine, and I also saw someone else’s post about easyJet recognising it as a credit card), and I would have been subject to a fee.
Having made the deposit I can confirm it was appropriately accepted as a debit card and no credit fee was charged.