Beta schedule?


Is there a beta programme rolling out anytime soon? I’m setting up a new LTD and as much as i’d rather just shoot myself I can set up a new account quickly with Tide. My personal account is with Starling and I’d be happy to road-test a business account (and moan constantly).


Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but, in their latest blog post they said that they’ve just started inviting a handful of sole trader’s in and that they’re planning to do some more with the business accounts in the first half of 2018, while this is reassuring, I’d love a note from someone actually at Starling with a bit more information for us.

I’m in the same boat, I want to move my Ltd’s bank account away from my legacy bank for a whole array of reasons but, I’m waiting to see what Starling do before making any decisions. From what I’ve been reading in multiple places, tide can get… … interesting when things go wrong.

If anyone from Starling reads this, please give us a little bit more of an insight.


I think the business account is launching at the moment for sole traders only. As far as I know Ltd company accounts are on the roadmap but not as a priority on the business account side.

It sounds like the account is being very much marketed as sole trader microbusinesses and side hustlers.


Sarah Guha posted this re ltd accounts:

Which is promising but I do have to admit that I’m getting slightly tired of the lack of information or… well any sense of a plan from Starling. Every single question is just answered by “we’ll work it out as we go along” or some similar meaningless sentence which completely ignores the point of a forum.

Guess my impatience is getting the better of me :joy:

On that note, if a sole trader who’s managed to make it into the early access is reading this (and isn’t locked down by some form of NDA) could they enlighten us regarding what fees they’re currently paying to Starling?

Any news on Ltd Co support?

Seems a bit of a fudge, this one.

Starling was quick to announce business accounts but delivers sole trader accounts.

A sole trader is not compelled to use a separate account from their own personal account, though its recommended to keep monies separate and to do so they just open a separate personal account.

Ltd Co.s must use separate account. Until we see Starling offering accounts for Ltd Co.s, it’s a bit of a stretch to say they’re offering business accounts.


Agreed, at the moment they’re just offering slightly re-branded personal accounts (and restricting them at that).

Guess we’ll have to wait and see :slight_smile:


It’s a bizarre offering. As much as I don’t love tide I opened my ltd
account with (very beta) Xero integration in under 5 minutes. Starling have
work to do.


I was invited to the business beta for Ltd’s on Wednesday. Had a call to go through the set-up, which took 2 minutes, and the account was up and running there and then, so there’s no issues with the time it take to open an account.

Everything seem good so far, and the real time account is far better than Tide, where it can take a couple of days for incoming payments to show up. Expecting my business card to arrive tomorrow, so I guess we’ll see if they have changed the colour or overall design from the personal card, I really hope they have.


Oh that is exciting, didn’t realise they were expanding the beta. Doubt it, but it would be nice to be in on that :smirk:


Yes we’re a small company and registered for the business account. Would love to be in on the beta asap and help develop/test it.


Any news on timeline for the business account???


Hi @Saul_Gaunt- we’re still on track for the end of the financial year.


Hi I would also like to be invited to the beta. I’ve just setup a Ltd company and am signing up with rbs. Would much prefer to be using starling!

I’m a software engineer so might be useful to have my perspective!



Hoping for my beta invite soon, I’ve been with Starling since before the personal account beta (got the invite three days before the beta started), would be cool to be part of the business beta as well (also so I can avoid signing up elsewhere for my new business…). :raised_hands:


Appears there is an event on 28th March regarding business accounts. I am looking forward to getting my business account too.


Are we still on track for business accounts by the end of the financial year? There’s only one [edit: Four] more working day left!

I was kind of hoping that after the business event today, suddenly the website would be open for signups in a very apple-esque kind of a way…


The Tax Year runs from 6th April to 5th April each year so assume it will be ready by the start of the new tax year


Yeah, I agree that they’re cutting it a little bit fine but, by the way that Jason has been talking on here, it looks as though we’ll have something to play with next week.


Still, only 4 working days to go until the 5th April. I had hoped to have the account open and usable for the start of the new financial year. I thought that’s what they’re aiming for?

Skin of their teeth if they make it in the next four working days!


From what I read from a poster with early access, it took 2 minutes to get the account set up over the phone - so should be doable.