Best British Bank!




Such great news - Best British Bank & Best Current Account!


…and very well deserved; it took me a while (I’ve moved banks a couple of times in the past) but I’ve managed to find a bank that suits me well and actually listens and acts upon it’s customers feedback and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Overall I’m very happy to be a Starling customer.


Excellent results, this also shows there’s a long way to go since Natwest won best banking app. For an app only bank thats the one starling should be winning!


Very good news indeed well done starling :wave:


Interesting to note that NatWest won best app

What could have caused that to happen ?


Smart Money People? Never heard of them.


Really well deserved awards.


For a legacy bank the NatWest app is actually quite good. Allows you to withdraw cash with just a code shown on the app if you don’t have your card.

Starling should be winning it but I can understand that win.


Congrats and drinks all round!! After all the hard work - recognition!! I hope you are happy with the result = I am!! I think the Starling Bank is super-doper!!



Good stuff, I’m very embarrassed and ashamed, but I switched away from Starling using the CASS and I am already regretting it, can I repent and come back to Starling - I still have the app and the account still seems to exist?


As long as you never closed your account, switch back :grin:


mmm… but a CASS switch supposedly closes the account and a small transfer I made goes to the new account :-/


Only a full switch closes the account. Drop CS a message and check with them.


If payments are being redirected then it must have been a full switch.

However, as Joe said, it’s still worth contacting CS to ask.

Let us know how it goes.


Is there not a grace period on the CASS?


Found this on the MoneySupermarket site:

"What if I change my mind about switching?

You can cancel your switch seven or more working days before your switch date. So in practice, if you pick the earliest possible switch date, you can only cancel the switch on the same day you arranged it. After that, only certain elements can be cancelled.

The Payments Council suggests that if you change your mind during the seven-day switching process, it’s actually better to let the transfer happen, and then use the service to switch back to your original provider." End of quote…

Please note, though, that this article is not a reflection of Starling Bank’s policy on closing and re-opening accounts. Changing your mind after closing an account will have implications, should you decide you’ve done so in error.


Congratulations to everyone at Starling :champagne:


Regarding switching
Seven full working days notice is required to halt a switch (CASS) request
A Sat may or may not be counted towards the timings. In the case of NatWest Sat counts as a working day.
Also note that if you do not adjust the final completion date of the switch request(CASS) then it’s probably to late to halt.
I found out whilst switching to STARLING and then subsequently to NATWEST both applications already start the clock on pressing GO, allowing no cancellation time( unless you opt to defer the final switch date by manually overriding the computer generated completion date )