Before I go


Before I go.

Not pleased you have to sign in with Facebook or Google as have made a specific point to avoid those companies like the plague. Created a temporary account just to sign and and look around but now shutting it down. Will revisit when you have other methods of signing in (perhaps like the Dutch bank bunq you could sign in to the community through the banking app). Bye for now


Hope that gets sorted and knowing how knowledgeable you are, Richard, your insight will be missed on this new board.


Hi Richard, We’re sorry to see you go as well. I think Cecilia reached out to you on a Developer Slack to explain that our community requires 2FA which is obviously only supported on certain platforms, which is why we chose to start with only Google and Facebook at the moment… having received your feedback, we’re reviewing our login and will update you as we make any changes.


I thought this community would be better than attention seeking self important resignation nonsense like this.


Hi there - we’re sorry about your login issues and we’re changing the settings on Monday 26th June so you can login via an email of your choice. We hope you re-join the community as we appreciate your feedback.


While I am generally a huge fan of 2FA, is it not overkill for a community forum?



I am currently working with a competitor to Google testing their authentication app and involved in a campaign lobbying parliamentarians in various countries against the grip of Facebook.

People are being compelled to open Facebook accounts to apply for jobs, enter competitions, and now to interact with their bank. We believe people should be free to interact with private and public entities without being tied in to the overpowering giants like Facebook.

Therefore it would be inappropriate of me to use these sign on methods.

I will however be happy to continue following you on Slack.


All the best then, bye.


Yeah it does seem a bit like over kill…unless there is some integration with the app.


the ability to sign on under an email of your choice is great news, and hopefully will increase participation in the community

as for issues regarding user activities, perhaps you could whitelist emails associated with Starling members apps so they are approved and others subject to approval or blacklisted. That may address some of the concerns that led to your initial implementation of 2FA


Great to see how quick you makes changes based on customer feedback :+1:t2: Not that I was concerned about logging in with Facebook!


Dude i thought you’d left?


To be fair I don’t mind Google but for me Facebook is an absolute no go. But it would be easier if you could log in by email rather than thru Google every time.

Perhaps as mentioned previously could we access the forum via the app, so once you have accessed the app via fingerprint id that’s you into the forum.


That would work nicely for me. Popping between forum and other app functions feels intuitive.


In response to your feedback about logging into the Starling community using Google or Facebook, we will be making more options available to you. We will start by extending the OAuth options to include Twitter and Github. We will then look into a log in with Starling option in future for those who prefer to opt out of using one of the other OAuth providers. Follow here for further updates.


Login with Twitter and Github are now available.


I’ve logged in via GitHub but I would like to switch to email/password login. Is that possible now?


It isn’t yet no. Sorry.