Bank transfer to payee



I tired to bank transfer to my Santander but it fails after trying . it says this service is currently unavailable. i need to work, its a big problem ive had with starling. Does anyone else have this issue ?


No issues with transfers here. @StarlingSupport please can you reach out and investigate? Cheers, Joe.


I’ve personally never had a payment fail.


There have been a few issues with the Faster Payments network lately, affecting various banks.


i tired it to transfer to my monzo , it also doesn’t work


There might be an account specific issue here, I’ve never personally had a FP fail. I would recommended speaking with CS via in-app chat.


this might be tried cs they said they’ll get back to me, last time they said that they never did


Ok, I’ve copied in Starling Support here, hopefully someone will get in touch shortly.


Hi - I’m just checking this one with the team! Thanks for flagging @Ehsan_azadmiah


Ok - so it could be for a few reasons:

  • If your phone isn’t set to a UK locale, you might be trying to send xx,xx rather than xx.xx - which would be declined.
  • It is possible that the payment exceeds the daily maximum on your account.
  • The account details you’re sending to may be no longer valid - our Customer Service team can look into this for you if you contact through in-app chat.

If not, let us know and we’ll continue to chase this!


the account details are valid as i could transfer from monzo to Santander. I have tried all amounts of transfer from £5 to the amount i need to do , i tried the chat they said they’ll have to get back to me


Are you able to use your card?
If you can’t, it’s probably an account-specific issue, and you will need to wait for CS to get back to you.


i havent received a card yet


Sorry for the wait on this one @Ehsan_azadmiah! We’ll investigate further…