Bank Switching Forward Payments


I’ve switched one account now which went fine but when you receive a payment into starling via your old account there’s no real indenifier. What I mean is I can’t tell if It came from the old Bank or straight into starling. I think starling should flag credits from the old Bank so you can check that the payer has been contacted and informed of your new account details. I know as part of the switch they are meant to be contacted somehow but I wouldn’t want to take that for granted.



Hi James

With clear evidence that the good news is spreading, resulting in real bank switches, would it be timely to give this initial, and all important, customer experience some real scrutiny?

While so many of us had wrinkle-free switches, it’s those that didn’t who matter most.


If there is any possibility at all of a customer service experience less than that of First Direct, I’ll not be making the full switch to Starling. The bank being app-based is not enough of a differentiator. There is a high expectation of customer service.


Hi @DeanCommodore,

Glad to hear your account switch went smoothly. We are certainly working hard to make the process as easy as possible!

As you are aware, part of the switch process is an automatic redirection of faster payments. This mean that if someone sends a payment to your old account number / sort code, it is automatically redirected to your new Starling account :tada: .

While we’d love to tell you when this is happening, this redirection takes place at the level of the Faster Payment Scheme itself by updating the destination on the payment instruction. By the time the payment reaches Starling, there is no indication whether the payment was sent to your old account and re-directed, or sent directly to your new Starling account number and sort code.

However, every time a payment is redirected by faster payments, the bank sending the payment that was redirected is automatically sent a message by with the account / sort code the instruction was for, and the account / sort code it was redirected to. When Starling receives such notifications for payments you send out, we automatically update the account details of the payee with the new information so future payments go directly to the new bank. I can’t vouch for how all the other UK banks choose to handle these messages or communicate them to their customers but hopefully they do a similar thing!

Hope that helps and welcome to Starling! :slightly_smiling_face:



Well I see i actually sent a test payment from another one my accounts to my old switched account and of course it went straight into Starling let’s see if I actually get this alleged notification of account details changes.