Bank Statments missing


Hi I just went to download a couple of bank statements for my mortgage application and noticed that my September one is now gone but the new October one is there.

I was expecting to see a gradually increasing list of statements as time goes on? Luckily I have one from Sept saved on Google Drive, but still…

Is it just me this is affecting?

p.s I have raised with CS, just wondering :slight_smile:


Have you tapped on the month? A scrollable list should appear.


haha oh yeah!

to be fair it could be clearer! :confused:
Thank you!!


There are a few sections of the app that are the same. An example is clicking on the last payment amount to a person/company in the Payments section brings up the history. You need to be psychic to know it’s there!!


agreed, also you can get a transaction history on DD’s but not Standing Orders!


Don’t worry - it’s on our list!