Bank statment 👍


Hey all,

Just a quick question, in the process of switching over to starling, already got my account open and waiting for the switching service to take place :star:
Was just wondering with my old “legacy” bank I had bank statements, like on the app and could download them to my phone? Does starling offer bank statements? They are handy specially when taking out something a lot ask for current bank statements.

Thanks all!


We sure do!

You can find them in Account Management > Statements :slightly_smiling_face:


Aw wow! So you do :see_no_evil: I didn’t even know thanks James much appreciated :smirk:


I don’t see this on my App… Does it require you to have been with Starling for a full month before this option shows? (As in do you have to have a statement to view before the option shows in Account Management)


No, I’ve been with Starling about a week and I have the tab for statements on my app (Android). Not switched over yet either.


I’ve got it on iPhone :iphone:,


Okay is this the screen we are referring to?


Yep then click
On legal documents, and then you’ll see export statement - that’s what I did anyway


Yeah. Under legal documents. You will find export statements


Thank you @Brian! That was it… I thought it was under the root of “Account Management”! :see_no_evil:


Mines got a slightly different layout.


OH thanks @Spencer_Luxford! That makes more sense with what @JamesPratley said and accounts for why I was confused that it wasn’t in the root of the Account Management Menu! Clearly he was referring to the Android version. :wink:


Haha, yeah it is confusing when the layout is slightly different depending on the platform. They have hidden it more on iOS for some reason.


I believe from what I have read on the other Topics on the forum that they are in the process or bringing stuff in line between platforms. BUT I also think that if there is a design expectation on a platform for things to be done in a certain way it should be followed. Nobody wants to have to hunt for the back button because it’s on the top left on iOS normally and is now in the bottom right because that’s where it is on Android (or vis versa) and they want stuff to be the same across apps! :confused:

Even if that causes a slight confusion with stuff like this. :wink:


Be careful if this is a vital requirement though.

There is no original merchant information or anything to identify where the transactions took place. If you went to 4 different branches of Sainsbury’s in a day you’d literally just have 4 lines of ‘Sainsbury’s’ with no way to tell them apart.

This renders the statements useless for anything official or for any kind of record keeping.


This was mentioned in another post (can’t find it currently) where it was suggested that Starling provide the original store id/address info etc somewhere (submenu or something) to allow better identification of the store. :slight_smile:


Yeah - I’ve been going on alot it a lot in a few posts :slight_smile:

I drive for work and it’s becoming a huge problem for me. So I’m nagging about it a lot.


I like it @PipefishSqueaky Gate and all right!?


At the moment, I’m trying to catch them and remember where they were - then I’m reporting them with the correct address via in-app messages.

Starling are pretty good at fixing them when you report them. Although they must think I’m nuts by now I’ve reported so many.

So at least my list is correct! (Although obviously this still doesn’t work for the statements).


No @Pipefish I have several times reported things. By us letting them know they can fix anx resolve issues.