Bank Address in App


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Yes that is correct.

Believe it or not, some companies still file direct debit mandates with us through the post and we have to manually input them (most file electronically via an automated feed). That’s the only use case I am aware of for the “branch” address.


I actually bought this up a while ago. So far nothing has been changed though.

I’ve actually had to enter the address twice now for different direct debits.


I agree, surely it would make some sense to have quick access to the address within the Starling app!

At my previous employer we use to manually send off the direct debit madates to the banks so there is still some need for this.


Our PO Box address can actually be found in-app under the FAQ for how to pay in cheques.

We’re hoping to make this section a bit clearer so customers are aware the information is there.


So, when asked for my bank’s address, should I be using the PO Box address or the Head Office one? (This particular case is for setting up where share dividends should be paid to.)


We use a specific address to handle cheque payments which can be found in the app under FAQs.

For everything else, our postal address is the way to go: 3rd floor, 2 Finsbury Ave, London EC2M 2PP

Incorrect Bank Address with Direct Debits

Thanks for confirming @alexandra :slight_smile:


Without sugar coating it, but if the address was put in the app in a clear to find place like I suggested last year, people still wouldn’t be asking this question.

Even if it was in the account details page with your account number etc, you go there see the address and bingo, no need to question which address, could even show the send to cheque address as well rather than people having to search the FAQs.


@StarlingSupport In the FAQ, it states you must write your surname and account number on the back of the cheque. What about business accounts? Should the company name be used in place of your surname or should it be written in addition to it?

Similarly, what should be written for joint accounts?


Well, I had to put my cheque in the post at lunchtime so I’ve written my company name with surname in parentheses.


I’ve just had to send off a direct debit to the Information Commissioners Office. I find it strange they are all about data protection, but you have to send the form by post which is hardly a reliable way to send data nowadays.

But my point was, I needed to enter Starling’s address, and noticed its still not in the app.


Yeah, I search for this thread when I need the address!


Just come across this issue myself while sorting out a direct debit. Couldn’t find the address in the app or the FAQ. If it’s there, it’s well hidden.

Please can we make this easier to find? Would have saved a bit of time :slight_smile: