Bank Address in App


I was having to set up a direct debit, and was required to enter the bank address.

Finding the correct address to add wasn’t a simple process. Most of the sort code checkers only list Starling Bank with no address, and I’m not sure the address listed on the main starling site is the bank address for the purposes of direct debits etc.

Wouldn’t it make a bit of sense to actually have the address listed on the Add Money section, because otherwise its actually really complicated to set up payments. I don’t really think having to spend 10 minutes looking for the banks address is really a good solution and it should be listed somewhere clear. As it’s an mobile only bank we don’t have statements with the address sent to us, and having to download them to look isn’t a simple solution either.

Branch address
Branch address

Starling’s address and phone number is clearly listed on any and all statements as well as on the bottom of the homepage listed at:


That still doesn’t change the problem of it being easily accessible. So I have to either open another browser page or download a statement to get the address.

For example I’m giving my bank details to someone, have my phone there ready, having to then give them the account details, or having to open a statement to give the details. Or having to go to the starling homepage.

That is hardly a quick or efficient way of doing things. If I go to the statement, I then have to enter a password to view it.

Surely that defeats the whole object of a mobile bank, to have to go to a normal website to get the bank details. Or to have to download a statement to view it to then get the details.


I have no idea of the address for my legacy bank (would I give head office or would I my branch address?) I imagine it would be harder to find this than it did for me to find Starling’s.

Also to get the account sort code you need Internet to open the app as it’s not printed on the cards; opening a tab to retrieve the address in my opinion is no additional hardship.


You click on add money in the app and its there, all I’m suggesting is as a mobile bank, the bank details should be there. What about when you want to give your IBAN and you need the bank address, you go to the app, click add money, then you have to start searching for the details

You may find it easy, but the fact I didn’t, means lots of others won’t.


True, true. Wouldn’t hurt to add it into the app.

I am however now curious as to what address to give if I were setting up a DD with my legacy bank? Branch, a head office or a special one for DD’s?


Usually, if you opened an account in a branch, the Sort Code and therefore address will be tied to that branch:

In this case, the address will be the address of that branch.

If you signed up online, the 'branch’will be more generic:

In this case you usually use a Head Office address.

Some merchants still require the address to setup a DD, don’t know why. I had to call Santander to get a branch address for my 1-2-3- account and they gave me a Head Office address in Bootle I believe. Whether Merchants check the address or not, would be another matter.

In terms of where it should be in the app, I agree it should be in there. Though I think it should probably be in the Account Management -> Account Details section along with the IBAN and BIC sections.


@Chalky I signed up online, TSB however tie online applications to your nearest branch, so I’d use the branch address in my case. I’ve never been asked an address for the two DD’s I have set up and run.

Thanks Chalky for the excellent reply. :slight_smile:


No problem!

Interesting that TSB do it that way, but I guess that TSB might have less Sort Codes to play around with whilst Santander have loads because they keep closing branches left, right and centre!

I think the last time I had to put an address in was setting up my Council Tax online. So I probably should have said merchants with archaic systems might still need an address! Modern merchants will probably pull the address from the Sort Code.


I’ve suggested the idea of putting our address in to the app. :slight_smile:


Any updates on this? I needed the address the other day. Searched in app and found nothing. In the Monzo app, they list the address to use and it’s easy to find. I mentioned this to customer services the other day.


I also need to provide the address to a company. There are different addresses mentioned on the website, FAQs, Community, etc. I could do with a definitive address.


@StarlingSupport can you help where your address is showing on app and right format.


@Gallifreyangirl I’ve provided the address from the FAQs that cheques should be sent to but there is another topic on here that suggests it should be the address on the foot of the website. A definitive answer would be great :slight_smile:


Does the address even matter? I’ve setup loads of direct debits over the years without putting an address. Think this is something from the past they still ask for but isn’t necessary.


Probably doesn’t matter. It’s not a Direct Debit, it’s an instruction to a broker where to pay dividend income.


Hey @danmullen

When you need to address for the bank/branch for international payments and company requirements, then you’ll use: 3rd floor, 2 Finsbury Ave, London EC2M 2PP, UK

The PO Box is for cheques, cheques and more cheques :grinning:


Thanks @LoganAllan, I’ve updated those details with the broker :+1:t2:


Just a quick question… Not necessarily for Starling, just anyone who can answer…

A lot of forms regarding financial gubbins ask for your account number and sort code, bank, and branch address. I don’t know why they still do this because I thought, even with olde worlde banks, everything is basically computerised and everywhere. But anyway, being branchless, what should one put?




I would guess it’s: 3rd floor, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London EC2M 2PP.

According to the footer on Starling’s website it’s their registered address and where the staff work; so what better address?