Bank account - credit and background check


Hi, this may seem a basic question, but my banking experience is mostly within southern Europe, where things may be different.

Looking specifically at one’s current account and relationship with your bank - is there any value in updating the bank (Starling or other) with your work contract, yearly salary, equity, etc? Or any assessment these days are purely done by a background credit check?

I guess for Starling this would only affect the overdraft (if any)?

Background: Use Starling (due to operation and travel) and a main street bank (Lloyds – first account in UK); which never let me down, except maybe by redundant bureaucracy for certain tasks like address change, etc.
I don’t, nor I intend to have overdrafts (don’t need/like) or billing contracts. Travel too much - hence don’t think I can increase my credit score (much). Except if it takes into account any savings or my Amex.

However, at same time, would like to have a good relationship with “my bank” – if unfortunately a rainy day comes ahead. Ie. If needing/wanting to suddenly take a mortgage or a loan for any key purpose.

Even if looking just at current accounts – you may want to be “extra” incentivized or valued (though already being in a good stand with Starling). Hope that makes sense. That would be a trigger to fully change to any banking institution.

Understand this may not be in Starling scope, but happy to receive feedback by other experiences.

Thanks in advance ,


Hi Samurai,

I’m answering this is a personal capacity and can’t comment specifically as a Starling employee as I know our lending teams (who know much more detail than me) take our responsible lending commitments very seriously for our overdraft product.

I think what you’re alluding to though is probably a premise that Open Banking one day hopes to fulfil. The idea that for people who don’t perhaps have a strong credit history (out of choice or otherwise) are able to securely share their banking transactions with a lender who can then make affordability and serviceability decisions based on that data and without the need to rely so much on a credit bureau.

When I worked for a bank in Australia we would often ask customers to upload payslips or proof of income to help support lending decisions.