Balance tracking


Are there any plans to consider adding the balance at each transaction? Over the last 12 months or so with NatWest, I’ve found myself using the balance as at the same point last month to track how well I’m doing this month.
This then tells me if I need to reign it in a little bit.
Does anyone else do this?


I’d love this feature. Didn’t realise how much I used it with the legacy bank


Yes. I fancy seeing a version of the printed statement up to and including the latest transaction. It’d tell you a lot at a glance.


I suggested the other day of seeing what income per month was, as well as what your expendature is - so at any given point you know if you are +/-.


Yes, @AshleyQuint, but I can see why that feature might not be granular enough for some.


Yes, understand that other variations of that would be useful as well.


Good suggestion - I’ll pass it on! :smiley:


I would love to see my previous balance with each new transaction. Both Natwest and Santander do this and it’s really insightful. I hope Starling plan to implement this in the near future!


The lack of balance after each transaction on the transaction list was the first thing both me and my wife noticed when we joined Starling.

We tried it on here around July/August last year. She won’t switch to Starling until the feature arrives, so she’s using it purely as a foreign spending card until then.


Balance tracking will work perfectly if Starling only displayed finalised transactions.

As Starling also display provisional “preauthorisations” as well as actual authorisations any balance figures would be constantly changing.

For example you have 5 transactions
31 Dec Butcher £7.50
31 Dec Baker £2.50
31 Dec Candlesticks R Us £10.00
30 Dec Sainsbury’s £100.00
29 Dec D Bahn £12.34

Candelsticks R Us may have preauthorised for shipment of three items but they are shipped separately so the final amount may be 3 separate authorizations for smaller amounts

The Sainsbury’s transaction may be at an AFD petrol pump and actually change to £45.67 or whatever you really spent

The DBahn transaction is from a trip abroad so the original amount is in another currency, in this case Euro, and between the shop getting preauthorization online and presenting the final authorization in a batch file three days later the exchange rate had altered so the £ amount has changed.

It there is a running balance next to each of these entries then the balance figures next to the amounts spent at the Butcher and Baker will alter due to changes in older transactions.


Good explanation @MIROW. I’m just wondering what impact this has on downloadable monthly statements and CSV data? I download a PDF statement on the first of every month and archive it. It sounds like I may need to wait until later in the month to be sure I’ve got an accurate record.


I wait until the 8th and that normally catches most transactions…unless you ever do one on that carbon paper (abroad or maybe when ASDA systems crash)


On the Tide community some businessmen have real issues with CSV as they download them for import into accounting software . They find a provisional transaction on a statement or CSV alters when it is finalised and their figures are all thrown out.


That’s not a problem, certainly for me and is something I’m used to as my legacy account shows both pending and finalised transactions. It’s not different to the balance shown as soon as you login changing.

I wouldn’t even mind if it wasn’t shown next to a pending transaction. It may actually help as it would make them more obvious without having to click on them for details.


Hi all,

We’re talking about a few different things here and so I wanted to provide some clarity.

Your transaction feed shows the transaction activity on your account including pre-authorised transactions which are still pending and not yet settled. We could show a running balance in app alongside each transaction to show the impact on your available balance, it’s something we’ve considered. The key things here is that your transaction feed is realtime, the transaction dates will align with the day you made the transaction, and it will always show the impact on your Available Balance instead of your Account Balance. The balance we display on your home screen is your available balance (your account balance minus any pre-authorised transactions).

Your downloadable statement on the other hand is a legal document and so this will only include transactions that have been settled and which have gone in to or out of your Starling account - it will never include pre-authorised transactions that are pending for example. The dates on your statement will align with the date the money left your account and will always display your cleared account balance.

This means if you bought something on Friday 31st March for £5.00 it will show in your feed immediately and we will minus the amount from your Available Balance on the home screen. The £5.00 is still effectively in your account and would be earning interest and won’t appear on your statement download.

The transaction is settled on Tuesday 3rd April and which point the money will leave your Starling account and the cleared transactions is added to your statement and available on your downloadable pdf or csv. This transaction would appear on your April statement export.

Hope this helps!



That’s exactly what my wife and I want. She won’t switch untill Starling can do that as it’s something she uses every day with her current bank.


Any further direction on this @sarah.guha other than the fact it was considered. Likely to happen at some point? Not a priority in the near/mid term? Thanks


I’d love to see a graph showing the last 30/60/90 day’s end of day balance (settled or otherwise) to help track how I’m doing “this month”. It’s great to be up to the minute accurate on transactions, but what does that mean, relative to last month, or the last three months? How am I trending? Many people get paid monthly, but have messy and variable outgoings and incomings throughout the month, so just getting a visual graph would be really helpful. Anyone else this disorganised?!


Just got my boyfriend to switch so we could open a joint account. He’s not happy that he can’t see a running balance. Seems like, along with other in this feed, he uses his balance on this day compared to previous month’s to see how he’s doing.

Also good to see if there are any days you may have gone overdrawn without realising etc.

What my bf wishes there was, is a chart, maybe line graph overlaying balances of previous month’s to compare them etc.

But if not, a simple balance everyday or after every transaction would be great.


If he downloads a statement, it will show end of day balances. Also, he could use the Spending tab to compare how much he has spent month on month, overall and by category.