Balance not Updating to Reflect New Income πŸ›


Received income via a bank transfer today and had a notification detailing this, but then when going into the app my overall balance had not updated. I had to force close the app and relaunch to get the correct figure - I have reported to CS in app, but this is a pretty fundamental feature. I’m hoping the Starling team are already aware of this bug?

iPhone X running iOS 11.3.1 / Starling 0.48.0


Have you spoken with @StarlingSupport already?


Yeap, being looked into - wondering if anyone else has the same issue?


If I remember correctly, I have seen someone mention it already, although I have not experienced it myself.


I’ve definitely seen other people reporting this, though as an Android user I’ve never seen it myself.


I had problems with transaction not appearing instantly and have to sometimes manually refresh the feed.


Thanks for letting me know β€” I’ve spent the last few weeks putting the app through it’s paces and I’m nearly at the point of convincing myself to do a full switch. I keep finding little (but significant) issues that are dissuading me though.


I spent six months doing the same as you. At the end of the day, compared to my old bank Starling were streets ahead, so despite the fact I think there’s a number of areas they need to work on (cash and cheque deposits, coin jar, etc.), I’d still rather do my day to day banking with Starling.


Keep spotting bugs, it’ll make for a much better app in the future.


I had the same thing today too. I purchased just after 8am, but it took about an hour or just over before it showed up in Pulse


Definitely, whilst it is annoying that there are bugs, I think we all need to remember that this is a relatively new thing we’re on the ground floor of and we’re helping shape, build and improve an already very promising product


It’s definitely a bug, mine does it too. Sometimes mine won’t update until I force close the app and reopen it.


This doesn’t sound right, I’ll flag with @StarlingSupport


iOS or android?


This is on iOS on an iPhone X


Me too, iPhone X


I suspect this is limited to iOS only.


β€œThere are only two hard problems in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.”


This was a problem a while back which was fixed, but I started to experience it again recently, like yourself I had to kill the app and reload to get it to update. I’m IOS. Also the update to goals to make it smoother also appears to have reverted itself to being laggy again I.e. you open it and then wait for pictures to load


I’ve seen this again in the latest iOS app too.