Balance flashes before Touch ID box appears and balance persists in "multi tasking"


on iOS 11.1 iPhone 7
Does anyone else experience the following 2 issues.

Say for example I login to the app in the morning, leave it a few hours sometimes minutes (don’t swipe to kill app) go back to the app, the balance screen briefly shows up then the touch ID prompt appears.


I dont really want people to be able to open the app and see my balance, is this being worked on?

The second issue is that the balance shows on the app view when you double tap the home button to bring up multitasking.

Video 2:

To me this is a bit of a security issue, although it allows for a speedy app, i’d rather no one can see my balance or open the app without having to use touch id or my passcode.

Logging into the app

Yup I have noticed both of these things. Didn’t really strike me as an issue as my phone would have to be unlocked for anyone to see the app in the multitask screen or get to Starling, but I agree its not ideal.


I Initially thought the same, but then phones occasionally get passed around to look at photos, videos, apps etc. And sometimes even event and airline tickets, so I know its not in my hand 100% of the time and is at times unlocked.

And on top of that if your phone is unlocked when its stolen, for example straight out of your hand by a moped gang or something then id rather my banking app wasn’t accessible.


I noticed this as well. Only cropped up when I updated to the recent version of the app.


Nationwide does this.


True, but at least in multitasking it hides the balance.


Not for me it doesn’t. Strange.


When I log in for a split second before touch id appears I can see whatever screen I was last on within the app. For example if I was on the pulse screen prior to exiting when re logging in I’m able to see my balance before actually logging in. Anyone noticed this also? This is on IOS


Yes I seen this more. I wonder if starling can blur the app when returning before Touch ID? Or put the logo screen on?

Same with multitasking you can see last screen.


Hi there Matthew, I’m on iOS but haven’t noticed this yet. Have you had a chance to inform CS of this?


Hi I have contacted cs and they wanted me to take screenshots unfortunately as it’s only a split second in finding it impossible to do so. I need 3 hands :smile: only thing I can say is open app press the home button leave it 30 secs ish open back up and see


Hi @Sweeting89,

On iOS when you background the app your session remains open for 30 seconds, after 30 seconds your session will end and your balance is obscured and the screen is glazed over (much like Nationwide). The reason we leave you a 30 second window is that when you’re doing your day to day banking there can be the need to switch into you email or message apps to obtain authorisation codes or a friends account number and sort code, and return to the Starling app to complete setting up a payment. This 30 second threshold allows you to do this without us logging you out and you needing to log back in.

After 30 seconds your session is ended and when the app is in the multitask view will show obscured with the Starling logo. Let me know if you’re still not getting this after 30 seconds?

There does seem to be an issue when you tap the app icon though, we shouldn’t show the balance briefly there before touch ID and so I will make sure the team addresses this.



Hi @sarah.guha

Sorry - that’s not what I get when I go into multitask view. I waited 5 mins and checked and still got the screen showing my balance.

This is on iOS with the latest version.


Ok getting the team to look as a priority now.


This is the same on iPhone X running iOS 11.1.2 and app version 0.38.2


Thanks Sarah. It’s the same for me as well.


Yeah i looked at starling this morning. and still getting the balance showing up. i would say 3-4 hours passed and i counted 18 apps opened since then.


To update you, the iOS team are aware of the issue with the backgrounded app not obscuring the screen and a fix is pending release so this will be resolved this week. Re the small flash of the balance before touch ID we continue to look into this one.

What’s next?