Badges list pages links failed for badges you haven't got


I just noticed that the links to badges you don’t yet have on the badges list page ( no longer works*. To get it to work you need to add “?username=GazB” like the other link to the badges I DO have.

I’m SURE this did work in the last few weeks some time but I’m not sure if it required the “?username=GazB” at the end and that it was being automatically added. :confused:

*When I say Doesn’t work I mean it throws a “page no found”

"Promoter" badge

It’s working fine for me.


Working for me too? :thinking:


Does your links (for badges you DO NOT yet have) have “?username=” at the end?

And if not does this link work for you:

#5 works fine without anything else added.


Yes @daedal that page works find for me it’s the links to the badges I don’t have ON that page that doesn’t work.

Did that link to “Admired” above I posted work?


Ahh yeah I see what you mean, no it comes up with page not found :+1:


@JamesPratley I’m not sure if your change to permissions to give us all “Invite” has caused this or if it’s just unrelated. Ether way it does appear to be a problem. Granted a VERY low priority problem! But a problem never the less. :upside_down_face:


Perhaps! @thom_horne - are you finding this issue also?


@JamesPratley Shows up as “Page Not Found.” Works correctly with the little green tick for badges I have. Clicking on a badge I don’t have however from this page causes the “Page Not Found” error, whereas clicking on the ones that I do load correctly.

I’ll try an invite to see if that feature works too. :slight_smile:


Same issue as @thom_horne with the links @JamesPratley


Not actually sure if this is a bug or as the design intended :thinking:

Is there any reason that you’d like to see the pages for badges you don’t yet have?


@JamesPratley I am fairly sure it’s a bug as you have links from to all the badges you don’t have so (I assume) you can see what is required to get that badge. And if you add the username part to the end it works fine telling you how to get it and that you don’t yet have it. :slight_smile:


How do you get the Starling User (app user) badge? I’m using the app and have an account but that badge still isn’t mine! :disappointed_relieved:
Its like collecting Pokemon!


Ah - sorry. Understand now and will look into it. :slight_smile:


I know right @Spencer_Luxford! It’s SOOO frigin addictive! haha I have all the ones I can reasonably get (bar the “Starling User” one) without spending more time here. :slight_smile:


Definitely @GazB, since joining the forum, I have probably spent too much time on here! I was never much a fan of forums before but I do enjoy this one, like minded techie people who are a friendly and intelligent bunch! My Wife thinks I’ve got a secret girlfriend the amount of time I’m on here, now I want all the badges, I think I have a problem! :smile:


Admitting it is the first step @Spencer_Luxford. :wink: We are here for you… :laughing:


Cheers @GazB, I appreciate it! :crazy_face:


Did the invite thing, still didn’t get the Promotor badge, thats 2 I’m missing :disappointed_relieved: :wink: