Badge App Icon


It would be great if the app had an option to badge the app icon when a notification is received, as it is easy to dismiss a notification and forget about it.

Ideally, this would be an option under Notification settings in the app. Choosing what notifications to badge the app icon would be great as not everyone will want the icon badging for every notification.

The main one for me would be when a customer service message has been received, as there seems to be no other alert beyond the notification and there may be cases where a follow up is needed.


Hey - That’s a great idea, especially as this feature is also coming to Android soon! :robot: I’ve just passed it on to the team. :red_circle:


Absolutely, currently have that with the Android beta and it’s a super way to see info without opening the app.


I would also like a notification on the Pulse Screen that new Customer Service messages are waiting and when tapping on it takes you straight to the message.


New user here… I’d like to second this suggestion, and also request that when you receive a push notification of a new customer services message, that tapping it takes you directly to the relevant chat. At the moment tapping the notification opens the app to the home screen, then you have to navigate through to the actual chat.


Hi, We know we have some work to do to deep link push notifications into the right place in the app and so this is on our list for the near term.