Bad experience switching to another bank from Starling


Hi all,

A warning to those switching away to another bank from starling.

I’m loosing my mind over £2.57 overdraft fees that I owe to starling to close my account.

I requested to switch away to a new bank which completed on the 21st December and any credit balances etc have been redirected to my new account as well as any debits.

As you can gather form this thread I owe £2.57 in fees which I wonder why wasn’t factored in when my switch completed.

I have tried to pay off my fees with a faster payment but it gets redirected to my new bank or pay using a debit card which can’t be done.

Any statements and notifications have been disabled when my switch completed.

I am the one having to chase starling for an answer which between advisors haven’t been given the same response.

Now I have to take time off work which means going into the city to pay my fees and pay for parking etc but this has made me annoyed to say at least over £2.57 which will cost me more in parking fees and taking time off work in to pay over the counter at a NatWest bank.

Certainly to say Got off to a bad experience.


Are you saying Starling have given you details to pay the £2.57 and they don’t work? If your switch is complete why do you think transferring to your old/now closed account would work?

Can you share the feedback from support and how the responses differ?


Well NatWest Deansgate Manchester doesn’t accept starling credits walking around Manchester City Centre to another NatWest bank after being told by starling bank to try another NatWest bank.


Just arrived at NatWest Cross Street which is 30
Minutes across the city and the cashier has to go and get a manager as she can’t accept cash deposits for starling because they are told starling needs to provide a pre printed paying slip.

This is turning into a joke for£2.57

Thank god I paid for more than one hour parking on the meter!

And just like anyone else I’m enjoying walking in the freezing cold between banks on my day off.


After a heated discussion with the customer service manager and branch manager at Natwst and a starling team leader in the call centre I have now managed to pay in the monies.


The initial feedback was that the charges would hit my account and then the monies claimed from my new bank.

Failure to pay the fees would result in a negative report to Experian / Equifax.

After I queried this with several advisers I was told this would not be the case and I could pay the monies by transfer which then bounced back to my new account!

After several phone calls and in the app messages one way to them and having to monitor (which is disabled from receiving messages BTW)

Educating Starling CS which isn’t my job and having to explain that credits / debits are being directed as part of the switch I would then need to visit a branch to pay the monies to clear my balance.

I have followed all the guidance from CS but to my own due diligence and having to explain the switch process.

I have had to go to branch in the end after educating Starling CS Team and speaking to different people and explaining the switch process to them.

Monies now paid and let’s see if it hits my account and clears the fees which will have to be manually processed by Starling Payments Team.

What else could go wrong I wonder!


Hi Brian

See my response to your questions regarding the information provided from CS as you can see it’s counter productive.



Anyone else see the disparity in answers from two advisors this is only a snippet of emails and messages and calls I’ve had to make.

If this stupid cash credit appears in my new bank account because they haven’t got their act together especially CS team telling the Payments team what they need to do!

I won’t be best pleased due to the issues to date there will be a formal complaint.


I would have just sent them a registered letter enclosing a cheque. Problem solved.


On the face of it seems a pretty poor show and hope you got sorted.

On a more general note the cash deposit situation at NatWest seems increasingly more shambolic. This person should not have had to go to multiple branches - this is not acceptable.

Starling urgently need to advise a better solution to this (Post Office, Paypoint) since it is becoming increasingly obvious that the workaround is not working - a simple search of the forum shows this. On and saying it is coming “soon” won’t cut it on this occasion - the ability to pay in cash is a fundamental of basic everyday banking.

I have a lot of love for Starling but they need to sort this issue as a matter of extreme urgency.


I best get a cheque book ordered with my new bank at this rate because I have lost faith in Starling as you suggest it might be less problematic.

I’m sure it’s that easy to send a cheque and nothing else going wrong!


Switching to Post Office because some NatWest branches have poorly trained staff who haven’t read their branch manual is not the solution. I have also had problems at some Post Offices where staff poorly trained. With different banks accounts all having different ways to pay in, with a slip or without, in an envelope or not, card in reader without a pin, card in reader with a pin, card swiped, etc, staff can get confused. I have had staff try the wrong method and then tell me it is not possible and then had to hunt down another branch and pay in there.

the answer is to contact NatWest and raise the issue and get them to train their staff. They have half a morning meeting once a week when this can be covered.

The Post Office systems are confusing as whenever they update the software buttons or pages shift around without the staff being warned, and their telephone helpdesk is dire (slow response and staff of varying levels of ability and helpfulness).

the PayPoint system is much more operator friendly with less options or buttons on screen than the Post Office terminal. You swipe the card and appropriate options come up, and then the next couple of steps are really user intuitive.


Hi Simon

During my heated conversation with the branch manger they stated they have had lots of people trying to pay cash into their starling account and they turn them away because it goes against the processes from the powers that be.

Because I was irate to say the least and a private client of NatWest they made an allowance after I threatened to take my business elsewhere.

(I shouldn’t have had to use my private relationship with NatWest to get them to do such a minor transaction today).

I can only imagine those less abled than myself and elderly having been treated like this would just have gone with the explanation and walked away.

This is not the kind of service I expect from any company I have or had a relationship with.

Lesson learnt for trying something new and wasting my time.


It sounds as though there was multiple times where this could have been put right. First would have been to take the fees out before transferring your remaining balance to your new provider, second would have been to allow you to transfer money to a holding account (not your own account) to avoid the switching redirects, third by having a better paying in method in place, or talking directly to the branch you were in and lastly just goodwill the £2.57. It’s not like it was thousands and to leave such a bitter taste in the mouth even though you are leaving is really silly.

Please do let us know how you get on with a formal complaint. I have yet to see one that’s not been “we’re in BETA, complaint not upheld” but maybe you’ll be the exception?

I really don’t get why Starling keep dropping the ball over such simple matters which brings the overall awesomeness of the account and company down.

Is it possible to ask why you were switching away in the first place @Zack_Carter, just out of interest? Tell me to butt out if you like!


I only used Starling whilst travelling abroad or for business related expenses which American Express can facilitate my needs.

It was nice to trail something new which I thought offers similar CS and product offering as my own bank which is still young and developing and had potential to match the private/main stream banks.

This has got me thinking if N26 the German operation will have their own teething problems when things go wrong. (Not with them BTW)

I’m an old man this game isn’t for me anymore!


Hi @Zack_Carter - sorry to hear you’ve closed your Starling account, and really sorry about your experience today.
This should not have happened, so please accept our apologies.


@Zack_Carter I would like to offer my apologies. Anne Boden CEO


Thanks for replying!


Hi Patrick,

I appreciate your reply.

I was happy up to this point with starling. Who knows I might be back in the near future and it won’t certainly deter me from referring you to my friends and family.

Kind regards

Mr Carter