Backup App


Just a thought that popped into my head whilst reading about the fingerprint login bug on the latest Android release - what about having a second basic app that can be used in case of problems with the main app?

I’m thinking of a feature-light app that changes very little, except for bug fixes or to reflect API changes, and is therefore extra-reliable. This would provide just core features such as balance checking, paying bills, locking the card and contacting customer services but excluding other features like the marketplace, goals (maybe), spending insights, downloading statements etc.

I suppose the presence of an ‘emergency access’ app in the app stores may be difficult in terms of perception but I would appreciate the reassurance of still having basic access if something goes wrong with the main app.


A basic version for older phones/versions of Android much like Google’s Go apps could be a good idea.

Many devices people keep as backup devices will be running older versions of Android and possibly feature little storage space, this could be an ideal solution as my old backup phone can’t be updated past KitKat.