Available balance on payment screen


Apologies if this has been suggested before but I have just made a payment via the app and realised it would be most useful on the screen where you enter the amount you wish to pay to have a visual reminder of your available balance at the same time… just to ensure one is not trying to pay more than one has… My legacy bank does this, for example.

Brain dump over…thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Great idea :slight_smile: @Simon_Harrison.
This is already implemented on Android, and iOS will be adopting the same designs!


Thanks Kjersti - appreciate it. Any idea on a timescale for implementation?

Thanks again!


No not yet, unfortunately - but we generally release in stages whenever something is done, so you’ll see that we’ve released some improvements to the payments experience in iOS 0.29.1 today.


Thanks again for the reply :slight_smile: will wait :slight_smile:

Loving the card features in the new update, btw.

Have a great day!