Available Balance at ATM includes Overdraft


First post so sorry if this has been raised previously. Not checked balance at ATM before but noticed it includes overdraft amount. Is this normal? My legacy bank does not do this and I can see this could be an issue for going accidentally overdrawn.

I would prefer either both displayed or just available funds. Also does this available balance include money in goals? As again just the funds out of goals displayed would be best for me.

I assume the message about being charged can always be ignored in the UK?


my legacy bank card shows current balance and available amount, and the available amount includes the overdraft


Been thinking about this and can’t see a time when I’d use an ATM to check my balance. The app would always be my first port of call for that. Having said that I do agree that it should be clear in terms of what it displays on the screen when using an ATM.


I’ve never used an ATM for a balance update. I think my only use case for it would be if I had no 3G/4G?


I am no help here as I use my app to check balance and just atm to withdraw cash.


I have not checked, but would I expect the balance shown at an ATM would not include your savings in any Goals. I understood from previous posts, Starlings’ intention is to ring-fence money stashed away in your Goals away from your available balance. Yolt integration is an example of this - your Goals balance is not reflected in your Yolt dashboard.

As you don’t pay interest on an overdrawn balance that would be covered by savings in your Goals, you would not incur fees on any resulting overdraft. You could then move money back to your main balance from a Goal once you regained access to the app.


My bank has always shown the available to include Overdraft, after all that is your available amount to withdraw.


Legacy banks do show overdrafts in your available balance, at least it’s always been that way for me with NatWest, Santander (previously Alliance &Leicester) and Barclays.

As @daedal says, it’s available for you to withdraw. How is it an overdraft if it’s not ‘available’ for you to use?

Are you saying that the ATM only shows one balance? Normally when I’ve used an ATM in the past (although it’s probably years since I last checked my balance on one) it would show the Account Balance and the Available Balance. So say I was £200 into my overdraft but had a £400 overdraft facility it would show:
Account Balance: -£200
Available Balance: £200

This would be similar to the Your Balance and Overdraft Remaining options in app if you are already in your overdraft; Account Balance = Your Balance and Available Balance = Overdraft Remaining

If it’s just saying one balance of £200 then I can see how that would be confusing. I’ll give this a try on my way home and see what happens.

But also agree with others, why on earth would you want to do that anyway? A balance enquiry costs Starling money I believe, that’s why third-party ATM providers are always keen for you to check your balance, print receipts, etc! So doing unnecessary things like this could potentially affect free ATM usage in the future.

That’s right, Starling are already aware of this and are supposed to be getting this fixed.

Money in Goals is not available to spend so I would expect this to be reflected on a ATM just like it is in the app.


So I just tried this on a Cash Zone ATM and on my Santander card I got two balances:
Balance: (My Account Balance)
Available: (Balance + Overdraft)

With my Starling Card I got:
Balance: ???
Available: ???

Very helpful! I’ll try a ‘proper’ cash machine.


OK, so just tired the local TSB ATM and it shows:
(Available Balance) GBP

So it basically shows just the available balance (including any Overdraft) and not the actual account balance so I can see why there may be some confusion but it’s not that Starling shows Available Balance differently to Legacy Banks but that Legacy Banks at least show the current Account Balance so you can work out if your in overdraft and how much by whereas with Starling you literally have how much is available with no context.

Both ATMs made me choose a language for Starling and not Santander but I didn’t get prompted that I may be charged which I’m sure I used to although I didn’t actually withdraw cash so maybe it would have popped up later.


Thanks for trying @Chalky this is what I had too. I know it’s not a major issue, just for those times with no access to app etc. I don’t always check balance on ATM and agree with most. It’s just those odd times. I’m just so strict about using or going overdrawn as have been stung in the past.

I understand that overdraft is available so this does reflect in an available balance but it would be better to see the distinction. The Tesco ATM I used just had once balance which was including overdraft.

In any case loving Starling and almost ready to full switch.


I agree it’s a bit confusing.

I wonder if having both balances is a LINK function that’s not available for MasterCard ATM transactions or something. I was going to try my Monzo card but it doesn’t have an overdraft, plus I think I would have annoyed the queue past breaking point if I put another card in the machine!


Maybe not the best to annoy the queue @Chalky. I tried my nationwide one as well at same ATM but it only showed my balance and did not include the overdraft. So guessing, as you say it might be the MasterCard. My monzo also has no overdraft


It is not to do with Mastercard as I use a Mastercard Debit card from SHB UK in my local CashZone ATM at the Co-op and it shows both Account Balance and Available Balance and when I use a foreign card it shows both amounts in both GBP and EUR (the account currency) but with Starling and Monzo it shows ?.?? for both balances


Are they not a LINK Member? If so, both Cardtronics (Cash Zone) and Co-op Bank are so maybe it went through as a LINK transaction and therefore worked properly?


I don’t think SHB (Handelsbanken) are Link members (though I may be wrong) but the foreign card certainly wasn’t and they both displayed the same. While CashZone may be connected to Link it has nothing to do with the Co-op other than being located at their shop (it is not a Co-op brand ATM)


Ah OK, I believe Handelsbanken are LINK members (https://www.link.co.uk/membership/members/) but as you say the Foreign Money card wouldn’t be so who knows then. I was hoping the LINK thing would be a simple explanation but it obviously isn’t that!

Sorry, I read it as you tried a Cash Zone ATM and a Co-op Bank ATM rather than Cash Zone ATM at a Co-op Shop!