Automations, IFTTT & Starling


Would it be possible to link Starling up with IFTTT?

Basically, I just want my lights to flash red and alexa to play bad music when I spend too much at Amazon. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Monzo vs Starling
IFTTT support
Scheduled payments from goals

I love IFTTT but never use it as much as I could. I’ve got Alexa, Hive, Hue bulbs, Nest Protect, etc. Will need to have a play.

But yes, Starling integration would be cool and definitely another Unique Selling Point!


hahah that’s brilliant! :rofl:

I believe it’s something that’s being looked in to. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thats cool!

I’m sure others will come up with some more useful ways of using IFTTT with Starling… :joy:


The song should probably be Bills by Lunchmoney Lewis!


Now that we have the amazing goals feature, an automations feature would be brilliant

This would allow you to set up rules - for example

When I recieve a payment of more than £1000

  • Put 20% into my “Rent” goal
  • Put £50 into my “V12 Lease” goal
  • Leave the rest in my account

Automations could also work on Goals - for example:
When my goal “GoalName” reaches its target:

  • Create a transfer out to my “AccountName” account.

This could be useful if for example I’m saving to pay a friend back.

You could also hook this up to IFFFT for simple webhooks - for example
When my goal “GoalName” reaches its target:

  • Create a transfer to my “AccountName” account.
  • Send message “Goal Reached” via IFFFT


I think this is a great idea (and not too far off) for banking in the UK. As you may have seen, we’ve got open APIs so we can build a large range of integrations. This sounds like something that would integrate with our app and be part of our Marketplace (so as not to complicate the Starling app too much). The future is exciting! :smiley:


Ahh, I’m glad somebody else has had this idea, I have just started using IFTTT and have so many ideas for how it could be used and the Starling API allows for it should someone build the integration.

Just a few ideas of mine for IFTTT:

  • Low balance emails, or FB messages
  • automatic movement of money based on balance, date/time, or incoming transaction
  • a bit more involved and would involve a 3rd party (Amex) creating APIs aswell but it would be amazing if every time I spend on my AMEX card, IFTTT instructed starling to move the same amount of money into a saving pot so when my Amex bill comes each month it is there in a pot (even better if starling allowed me to direct the DD to that pot, or IFTTT automatically emptied the pot into my main balance the day before DD collection.

and … most importantly

  • every time I complete a savings goal I want…no I NEED a facebook messenger that tells me its time to:


If I set some money aside to goals, my lights will flash green.


I use IFTTT all the time and this would be great! Payday could play a little hallelujah sound through Alexa or just grab the transaction details so I can do something with it such as save to a Google sheet or budgeting app.

Reaching a savings goal definitely needs music and lights to celebrate :smiley:


I think it would be good if you have say a goal called “Rent” and you send a transfer from another bank to Starling with “Goal Rent” as the reference it would automatically be transfered into that goal?


Love this idea from @MIROW - it gets my vote for sure


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With Monzo now on IFTTT are we going to catch up?


With Monzo just releasing IFTTT support today, I wondered if Starling is working on something similar? Would be so useful!


Of everything I see on the Monzo side it’s probably the thing I’m most jealous of. Would be awesome to have this on Starling


There’s something new coming out of monzo every other day. They are on fire. Current account development here has felt a bit neglected lately, all the talk and development seems to be around business accounts. No sign of roundup, enhanced goals, joint accounts… Just green buttons.


Recently joined Starling but agree that IFTTT would be an amazing feature! +1 to this request!!


oh wow. this is a game changer for me.


Gotta say IFTTT support looks very desirable.


I would like IFFT support, but Starling still hasn’t got the basics right like notifications, reversals and green buttons. So new features are great, but working features are better in mind.