Auto ring-fence interest payments to a savings goal


I think it would be a pretty nice feature to be able to ring-fence all interest payments automatically on in credit account balances to a savings goal. Either an existing goal or new goal.

So when interest is paid it automatically gets moved to the selected Goal.


Nice idea - I like that! :+1:


Great idea.


Thanks for the great feedback, I have passed this on to the team! :slightly_smiling_face:


Love this idea!


Would you prefer for the interest earned on a goal to be paid into that same goal or the option to select where to pay all credit interest?


A bit like when you have savings and you can specify an account for the interest to be paid into. Or if you have a bond that pays interest, you choose for it to go back into the same bond account or sent to another account.


Choose where all credit interest goes…


I think I’d be happy with either option - it would be nice to see goal pots grow but also I’d happy just throw it into my ‘coin jar’ goal.